A Nordstrom Stylist Wears Those Pieces to Get French Taste

We flip to Sandy Koszarek on a ordinary foundation for sartorial inspiration. She constructed a storied occupation as a VIP stylist at Nordstrom and recently works on her weblog, Stylish Sandy. So sure, she no doubt is aware of what’s up within the taste area. The place does she steadily whip inspiration from? Smartly, like many people, she turns to the French style set. Then all, Parisians have that fascinating je ne sais quoi strategy to model with silhouettes which are steadily synonymous with phrases like easy and funky. 

Given Koszarek’s love of Parisian taste, she has a tendency to gravitate in opposition to pieces in her daily presen which are in series with staples many French girls put on to succeed in the ones simple and brilliant appears to be like. Beneath, Koszarek is sharing the pieces she lives in which are additionally go-to picks of people in Paris. Stock scrolling for extra, at the side of ocular inspiration and buying groceries suggestions. 

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