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Absolute best Amazon Nipple Covers 2023 — Manage-Rated Nipple Pasties

We don’t have the precise quantity, however we’re lovely assured in pronouncing that 3 years into the “new normal,” maximum people are keeping off underwire bras in any respect prices. As the arena shifted into a extra leading work-from-home culture, uncomfortable, tight undergarments misplaced their energy over us.

The rage of dressing extra conveniently has resulted in higher acclaim for that coveted bra-free glance. And public are reaching this via turning to strapless bras, skin-tone bralettes, and the ever-popular nipple covers.

Nippies Nipple Safe

Nipple Cover

There’s one identify dominating that latter division; Nippies have heaps of widespread Amazon listings—from adhesive pasties highest for track fairs to fashion tape that is helping you craft a lifted glance with out a bra. However their maximum liked flagship merchandise, the Reusable Nipple Covers, are the actual communicate of the city, with over 27,000 critiques on Amazon.


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Editors have cherished Nippies for years. In a contemporary seek to search out the best sticky bras of all pace, those selections made the supremacy of the listing. Our reviewers stated they lasted all hour—even in 80-degree climate—and reported that they got here off with out a lot fanfare, in spite of their fantastic adhesion. One Amazon reviewer stated she wore the product upwards of 300 occasions prior to the adhesive started to vanish.

All 3 testers who not too long ago attempted Nippies famous that they have compatibility neatly on all 3 other chest sizes, 32AA, 34D, and 36D. The covers are to be had in “small” and “large,” and Amazon customers say that the immense dimension works for DD cups and past.

As a result of probably the most greatest objectives for nipple covers is getting that bra-less glance with out traces or colour peeking thru, we additionally regarded into Amazon critiques about visibility. One helpful buyer wrote, “There is a faint outline of the Nippies under tight, thin fabric, however, much less than there would be with a regular bra! There is virtually no silhouette or outline when wearing thicker fabrics (even if the garment is tight).”

Store Nippies on Amazon or learn extra of the helpful, honest reviews in case you’re nonetheless at the fence.

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