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Am I Asexual Or Am I Afraid Of Intimacy?

I imagine I’m some method of asexual. I’ve by no means actually been sexually drawn to somebody and intercourse hasn’t ever been a concern in my hour. I’m utterly content material with no longer doing it regularly. I’ve given oral and fingered and helped with a vibrator, however we’ve by no means gotten round to using the strap-on we purchased months in the past. Each my spouse and I are FTM trans, and I particularly have a brittle while with my frame portions. It’s not that i am relaxed being reminded I’ve them, so I’ve have shyed away from them and glued to pleasuring myself in my very own relaxed, low-tech method, which has made me tremendous green with partnered intercourse. I’m running on that with myself to peer if it is helping with the 2 folks, however I advance very, very slowly, and I feel my spouse is settingup to imagine I’m no longer making an attempt brittle enough quantity.

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