Analysis Colleague in San Francisco, CA — Cash Diary

Profession: Analysis Colleague
Business: Nonprofit
Day: 24
Location: San Francisco, CA
Wage: $68,000
Internet Utility: ~$117,000 ($6,062 in checking/usual financial savings, $7,137 in a Roth IRA, $14,153.31 in my employer 403(b) and $89,164 in a hold funding account. There’s additionally about $1,000 excess in my training account).
Debt: $0. I used to be privileged not to must extract loans for undergrad.
Paycheck Quantity (biweekly): $2,102.07
Pronouns: She/her

Per 30 days Bills
Hire: $1,525 (I percentage an rental with 3 roommates).
Cellular Telephone: $40 (despatched to my mother).
Health club: $90
ClassPass: $36
Insurance coverage: $187.14, deducted from my paycheck for dental/clinical/sight insurance coverage, together with contribution to a clinical FSA.
Healing: $11.67
Utilities: $60
Wi-Fi: lined via my employer.
Streaming: I utility the accounts of diverse buddies and society.
Apple Song: $10.99
iCloud Depot: $2.99
Roth IRA: $500

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