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Ariana Grande and Ethan Slater: A Whole Timeline of Occasions

On Halloween, Slater took the degree as Prince Herbert/The Historian within the Broadway revival of Spamalot, and one very particular target audience member used to be there to cheer him on. As noted by People, a fellow show-goer recorded a snappy video of Grande within the target audience observing her rumored boyfriend carry out.

It seems that Grande has been by way of Slater’s aspect all through rehearsals and liked the demonstrate. “She has seen it during tech rehearsals,” a supply instructed Population. “She was so sweet last night, taking pictures with fans and gushing about how much she was enjoying the performances. She’s a theater kid at her core, so you see she really feels at peace being around Broadway.”

Grande attended the performance with her good friend and Halloween costume collaborator Elizabeth Gillies, who posted about it on Instagram Stories. (Grande then shared Gillies’ Story to her own channel with some cute GIFs.)

October 21, 2023: Grande and Slater are spotted on a romantic dinner date in NYC.

Shared living space or not, Grande and Slater seem to be enjoying time together in New York. As reported by TMZ, the couple was seen on a cozy dinner date over the weekend of October 21. Grande and Slater were seen dining at the MO Lounge of the luxurious Mandarin Oriental Hotel, which overlooks Manhattan’s Central Park. (Romantic much?) It’s unclear what the duo ordered, but whatever it was apparently came with a heaping side of PDA, as sources told TMZ they were “super flirty and touchy-feely.” Judging by way of some of the (admittedly very blurry) photos the outlet got, that seems about right.

October 4, 2023: Grande and Slater are reportedly living together in New York City.

From co-stars to friends to couple to roomies. According to Us Weekly, Grande and Slater took a big step in their reported relationship and have moved in together in New York City. “Ethan informed his friends and soon-to-be ex-wife that he’s living with Ariana full-time in New York,” a source told the pub. “They’re really happy and really good for each other… All of her friends love him.”

The locale does make sense for the pair, as Slater has been in rehearsals for the Broadway revival of the musical Spamalot, where he’ll play the dual roles of the Historian and Prince Herbert. That’s about all we know about the situation thus far; as always, a report that hinges on an unnamed source may be true, but without confirmation from Grande, Slater or their respective teams, it’s still just a rumor for now.

September 26, 2023: Grande and Slater are spotted on a date at Disneyland.

The reported couple were visible collectively at Disneyland on September 26, each dressed ailing in hoodies and baseball caps for his or her night time day trip; Grande even looked to be dressed in a Sinister hoodie. In a photograph shared by PopCrave, you’ll see the 2 strolling arm-in-arm. “They went with a big group of friends as well her mom and brother,” a source told People of the pair, sharing that they are “really happy and really good for each other” and that “all of her friends love him.”

September 6, 2023: Slater returns to Instagram with mischievous help from Grande.

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