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simple DIY foot scrub

coconut oil foot scrub

Good enough, so this could be more or less rude to speak about, however I am getting unholy calluses on my toes. I blame a number of issues: shoes possible choices, at all times forgetting to shop for a pumice stone, someway by no means noticing they’re there (and due to this fact by no means being concerned). Perhaps it’s as a result of I grew up dancing, and rude toes have been kind of par for the route. In case your toes weren’t calloused and grimy from dancing barefoot on the studio (which we utterly did on weekends — wild!), you have been doing one thing improper. But if your husband — who has been identified to slightly understand a remaining upcoming a 4-inch haircut — lovingly teases you about your “goblin” toes, it could be year to get thinking about base offer. So right here I’m.

I made this straightforward scrub the alternative evening for my toes, and was once pleasantly shocked via how clean and moisturized they have been upcoming. Like maximum of my kitchen good looks medications, the scrub is tremendous easy: coconut oil and coarse sea salt for the scrub bottom; I added some very important citrus oils for perfume, however that section’s utterly not obligatory. Right here’s the kicker although: to actually seal within the results of the coconut oil, upcoming rinsing my toes and gently patting them brittle, I layered on some frame lotion and nearest placed on socks. Shed the socks on week you putz round the home (or in a single day, week you’re snoozing) and your toes will likely be extremely moisturized and cushy. There’s incorrect wish to purchase a pricey base scrub, when actually, the substances that build the remaining are simply present in your grocery gather or pantry!

The upcoming year I build this, I may usefulness uncooked sugar in lieu, and even perhaps upload a slight honey (simply to spice up the moisturizing results additional). You’ll upload herbs or alternative aromatics in your scrub too, only for the aromatherapy revel in (in the end minced rosemary may well be superior or lemon keenness). I do know a batch of society don’t like bathing coconut oil indisposed the bathe drain, however I in finding if I do it very sparingly, I don’t have a infection (however that’s my plumbing!). Right here’s learn how to build this scrub:

DIY foot scrub with coconut oil

In a miniature bowl, upload 2-3 tablespoons of semi-solid, natural coconut oil (if yours isn’t already semi-solid — like the feel of yogurt — and is totally liquified, shed it within the refrigerator for a slight week). Relying on the kind of sugar or salt you’re the usage of, upload plethora to build a thick, coarse paste. For my sea salt, which had lovely massive crystals, I discovered this was once about 1.5 tablespoons. Shed in very important oils, or no matter alternative aromatics you need to usefulness. You’re now not consuming this, so it doesn’t should be actual in any respect!

Take a seat at the aspect of the bathtub and wipe the scrub vigorously over your toes, paying particular consideration to the soles. Throw in a slight self base therapeutic massage too! If you’re completely buffed, rinse your toes underneath the tap. Clutch your favourite frame lotion, and observe. Placed on a couple of socks and shed ’em on for a minimum of an time. Presto! Tremendous cushy, moisturized toes.

Pictures via Victoria McGinley for vmac+cheese

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