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Constance Wu & AAPI Psychological Condition Convo: What’s Later

Editor and director Huy Vo disagrees with what took place to Wu and the habits of the Asian public against her next her tweets about Unutilized Off The Boat’s renewal. “Constance is not a monolith for Asian people. The show Fresh Off The Boat is not a monolith for Asian culture. I don’t think her actions hurt Asian Americans at all,” Vo, the creator of Patriot Nails, a series about an Asian American man who discovers fame before discovering himself and his intergenerational trauma, tells Refinery29. Instead, as Vo notes, it’s important to remember that Wu was allegedly sexually harassed by a producer on Fresh Off the Boat while working on the show, which she shared in an October 2022 episode of Red Table Talk with Jada Pinkett Smith. “Constance and all professionals in entertainment are allowed to treat TV and film as work because it is work. That means Asian representation is important, but no one should be giving up their safety for it. No one should be hurt, physically or mentally, for a TV show or film,” Vo says. 

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