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Dior Celebrates Girl Dior With Exhibition All the way through Frieze Seoul – WWD

ART AND SEOUL: The Frieze Seoul frenzy will kick off Sept. 2 with “Lady Dior Celebration,” a fresh show off that includes 24 fresh Korean artists on the area’s Seongsu-dong idea gather.

The show off brings in combination a collective of eclectic artists to proceed the interpretations of labor impressed through the home’s well-known Girl Dior purse.

Lee Bul’s famed “Cella” sculpture, at first created for the Omit Dior show off at Paris’ Brilliant Palais in 2013, will take a seat heart degree. The 16-foot majestic crystal-shaped suspended cocoon invitations the viewer throughout the reflective piece.

Twenty-four Korean artists will build two interpretations each and every, for a complete of 42 items on show.

Dior settled on Seoul for the show off because of its rising tonality within the international cultural scene — to not point out its thriving luxurious marketplace — and the home’s ancient ties to artwork.

“The ‘Lady Dior Celebration’ exhibition, which runs parallel to Frieze, is a unique and exceptional event, celebrating the powerful ties forged between Dior and South Korea, as well as the many unfailing affinities that unite our house and the art world,” Dior prominent government officer Delphine Arnault informed WWD.

“At the heart of this unprecedented occasion, the Lady Dior, a timeless icon in perpetual reinvention, is reinterpreted by a selection of prestigious contemporary artists, pushing the limits of the imagination and savoir-faire of excellence more than ever; a fascinating, multifaceted tribute to the passion for creativity cultivated by Monsieur Dior, who was a collector and gallery owner long before he became a couturier,” she added.

“Odes to the beauty of dreams and emotions, these fascinating works — including those by emblematic Korean artists, are revealed in this exclusive retrospective,” the corporate added in revealing the creative slate. “These leading creators, with their multiple imaginations, share the same goal: to translate and poetically sublimate the excellence and essence of the Lady Dior object of desire.”

A few of the creators contributing to the show off are sculptor Bahk Seon-Ghi, seeing artist and manufacturing fashion designer Choi Jeong Hwa, still-life painter Gigisue, multimedia slapstick comedian Gimhongsok and monochrome Dansaekhwa artist Ha Chong Hyun.

Photographer Heewon Kim, caricature artist Jia Lee, Jay Sae Jung Oh, whose works with sustainable fabrics blur the traces between sculpture and furnishings, and Jukhee Kwon, who works with disused books, can also be featured.

Alternative artists in a space of grounds come with Jungjin Lee, Jungpyo Hong, Kwangho Lee, Kyungwoo Chun, Lee Hun Chung, Lee Kun-Yong, Minjung Kim, Oh You Kyeong, Ran Hwang, Soo Luminous Ground, Suki Seokyeong Kang and Wonmin Ground. Yesum Yoon and Zadie Xa can also be a part of the retrospective.

The works will encompass the central show off range by which Bul’s “Cella” serves because the anchor, with themed rooms jutting off like spokes to component particular items and shapes, together with a room devoted to the Girl D-lite embroidered model and any other to the oblong Girl D-joy. Baggage are perched atop reflected pedestals, on show beneath glass, time others are tucked into coves.

The fresh show off is a spin at the “Lady Dior as Seen By” roving show off the emblem introduced in Shanghai and traveled the arena to Hong Kong, Milan, Tokyo, São Paulo and Berlin over the last decade to 2021, and the Dior Girl Artwork undertaking, which pulled in artists from as some distance afield as China, Egypt and Qatar.

The second one version of Frieze Seoul is scheduled to speed park Sept. 6 to 9 on the COEX conference heart within the town. The “Lady Dior Celebration” show off will run till Sept. 17.

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