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Edward Crutchley SS23 Display London Style Future

Medieval crowd on a way photoshoot within the taste of Steven Meisel. A person and a lady dressed in cloudy and white geometric trend clothes with immense frills on the base. Striped garments.

Harlequins. Outsized tracksuit. 1990s faculty sports activities kits. Soccer supervisor coats. Males with absolute best sunny pores and skin having a look at every alternative in cloudy and white. Medieval place combat. Internal scene with shafts of sentimental bright. Cushy center of attention. Sports activities uniforms initially from medieval livery. Hardcore futurism. Two homosexual males (within the taste of Vermeer).

A photorealistic face, an outsized church hat. Liripipe hats. Monkey, rabbit. Pig-in-a-zebra gown backpacks. Centre partings. A girl in an educational skirt that falls to her ankles which she has accessorised with a choker. A broadcast tiny. A latex robe. A person dressed in patterned shorts and white socks. He’s status in entrance of a modest white wall along with his fingers crossed over his chest. His facial accentuation seems to be critical. Seeing white. Dazzling white. Jerk Camionneur. Jersey éponge. The person has decrease dim hair. He’s dressed in cloudy footwear on his robust ft. His legs muscular and toned, the shorts disclose a part of his thighs and knees. Society with patterned cardigans over clothes and shirts. Lycra frame swimsuit bulge. Bardcore minimum.


Styling – Julian Ganio
Casting – Lucy Rogers
Manufacturing – Antony Waller
Display Notes – Dal Chodha
Song – Hildegard Von Blingin’ & Aloutoulou
Latex – in collaboration with Oliver Haus
Hair – Johanna Cree Brown at Gary Represents
Create Up – Michelle Dacillo with due to Brandstand Communications, 19/99 Attractiveness, 3ina & Dr Jackson’s
Nails – Marie Louise Coster The use of Brightness Class
Lighting fixtures Design – Hydra Design
Runway Images – Chris Yates
Behind the scenes & Lookbook Images – Francisco Gomez de Villaboa


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