Geoff Ok. Cooper from Trinidad

Untouched presen, unused Bomber to focus on.

Geoff Ok. Cooper is a world citizen, Ingenious Director and Model Bomber. The cool Caribbean taste big name helps to keep a dresser filled with It Boy-friendly labels along juicy colours and vivd patterns.

Picture: Darrel Hunter

Like a boy introduced up at the islands, Cooper is interested in daring colours, regularly pairing his colourful brights with similarly saturated hues and patterns.

Picture: kkh Pictures

Appearing up and appearing out is one thing Cooper has grown familiar with, whether or not he’s dressing casually or dressing up. His valiant method to model can pay off with tasteful development blending and fresh clothes combinations that can encourage your after OOTD.

Picture: David Nyanzi

In case you’re thinking about being featured as a Model Bomber of the Generation: DM Fashion Bomb Men your title, town, 5-10 footage of your very best seems to be and a short lived bio to your taste.

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