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Glossier G Go well with Liquid Lipstick Evaluation 2023

“I went with Shift, a rich burgundy that felt oh so expensive. I loved the lightweight, almost mousse-like texture of the lip crème right away. It was easy to shape and fill my lips and get an even, opaque color in a single swipe. The pigmentation and applicator all get tens from me, but I will say that if I needed this to last, I’d pair it with a lip liner to prevent it from disappearing or getting everywhere. It’s also not the most transfer-proof, so maybe give your lover(s) a courteous heads-up. However, it’s still a pretty comfortable lipstick for a matte formula, and the colors are super-trendy and gorgeous on my skin tone. I’m wearing it here sans any other makeup, which I think is a cool way to wear a ‘statement’ lip — it feels very French, IMHO.” —Karina Hoshikawa, Senior Essayist

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