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Hits and Misses: Novel Covers of November 2023

From British Fashion paying tribute to Fashion Space with a trio of celebratory covers to absolutely the distress of a defend from American Harper’s Bazaar – we’ve rounded up what the newsstands needed to deal us for the moment of November. Right here’s simply 20 of one of the most novel covers which commanded our consideration (for causes each just right and malicious), entire with working remark from our unfiltered discussion board individuals.

Scroll additional to look which November 2023 covers made the decrease (and which didn’t) in step with theFashionSpot’s unfiltered discussion board individuals:

HIT | Tatler with Naomi Watts through Daniel Sachon

“Naomi Watts looks flawless here, love the OTT glamour and the beauty styling. It’s all just so loud and so very Tatler that I have fallen instantly in love.” [vogue28]

Tatler November 2023 : Naomi Watts by Daniel Sachon

HIT | ES Novel with Cindy Crawford for Yu Tsai

“This looks absolutely fabulous – effortless, but still glamorous. Love it!” [aracic]

ES Magazine November 3, 2023 : Cindy Crawford by Yu Tsai

MISS | Fashion Italia with Anna Ewers through Bruno Staub

“I miss the days of high-fashion and real glamour on the cover of Vogue!” [Polynpon]

Vogue Italia November 2023 : Anna Ewers by Bruno Staub

MISS | US Harper’s Bazaar with Luanne de Haan through Amy Troost

“And this is supposed to appeal to whom exactly?” [RMDV]

US Harper's Bazaar November 2023 : Leanne de Haan by Amy Troost

HIT | US ELLE with Irina Shayk through Daniel Jackson

“Fashion models on the covers of American fashion mags! Such a dream.” [ivano]

US Elle November 2023 : Irina Shayk by Daniel Jackson

MISS | Fashion France with Victoria Beckham through Lachlan Bailey

“What a terrible cover choice! The angle is awful and the image itself screams pedestrian to me. They could’ve done much better.” [thiago]

Vogue France November 2023 : Victoria Beckham by Lachlan Bailey

HIT | The town & Nation with Charlize Theron through Sebastian Kim

“T&C does it again. A cover that fits their readership and aspirations as a magazine. Great job.” [NYLA22]

Town & Country November 2023 : Charlize Theron by Sebstian Kim

MISS | Fashion Greece with Eva Inexperienced through Ellen von Unwerth

“Oh my… the skin retouching!” [BlueRuin]

Vogue Greece November 2023 : Eva Green by Ellen von Unwerth

MISS | Fashion Spain with Rosalía through Katie Burnett

“I’m loving it. Eerie in a good way.” [oaklee91]

Vogue España November 2023 : Rosalía by Katie Burnett

HIT | UK ELLE with Mayowa Nicholas through Ronan McKenzie

“Always a pleasure to see models on the covers of British fashion magazines, and it’s just an added bonus when the outcome is just as pleasant as this.” [vogue28]

UK Elle November 2023 : Mayowa Nicholas by Ronan McKenzie

HIT | UK Harper’s Bazaar with Pooja Mor through Boo George

“Such beautiful lighting they used. Love the colors and her gaze!” [Ihhbl]

UK Harper's Bazaar November 2023 : Pooja Mor by Boo George

HIT | Fashion Korea with Naomi Campbell through Cho Gi-Seok

“Finally something a bit different coming from Naomi!” [Ihhbl]

Vogue Korea November 2023 : Naomi Campbell by Giseok Cho

HIT | Vainness Truthful with Barbra Streisand through Richard Avedon

“You can’t argue with a cover like that. Beautiful.” [fruitbasedsnack]

Vanity Fair November 2023 : Barbra Streisand by Richard Avedon

MISS | US Fashion with Carey Mulligan through Jack Davison

“Too much going on, huh? Nothing really stands out. This was a terrible cover choice.” [KINGofVERSAILLES]

US Vogue November 2023 : Carey Mulligan by Jack Davison

MISS | Fashion China with Shalom Harlow through Ned Rogers

“I was so excited when I saw Shalom’s name. Good god, this is awful. Fashion Canada could do better.” [blueorchid]

Vogue China November 2023 : Shalom Harlow by Ned Rogers

MISS | UK Fashion through Sean Thomas

“The idea is nice, but the execution is terrible.” [Ivanity86]

UK Vogue November 2023 by Sean Thomas

HIT | Harper’s Bazaar France with Vanessa Paradis through Alastair McLellan

“It’s fun, I love the black and white photography from McLellan here teamed with that shade of pink. Of course, Vanessa Paradis wearing Chanel is always a good idea.” [vogue28]

Harper’s Bazaar France November 2023 : Vanessa Paradis by Alasdair McLellan

MISS | Fashion Australia with Florence Pugh through Lachlan Bailey

“Those [Triangl] grandma pants really make her look short.” [oaklee91]

Vogue Australia November 2023 : Florence Pugh by Lachlan Bailey

MISS | Fashion Netherlands with Winnie Harlow through Nikki Esser

“A beautiful photograph, but not cover worthy. Surely there were WAAAAY better photos in the editorial.” [MON]

Vogue Netherlands November 2023 : Winnie Harlow by Nikki Esser

MISS | Fashion Thailand with Whitney Top through Amie Milne

“Two perfectly decent cover images, ruined by an atrocious layout. Art direction can make or break a magazine cover and these are a prime example of how they can break – drastically! I don’t mind the sight of Whitney Peak, even more so wearing Chanel, so this is a real shame…” [vogue28]

Vogue Thailand November 2023 : Whitney Peak by Amie Milne

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