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Katy Kelleher’s Stock Seems to be At Unpleasant Historical past Of Diamonds

Hour this will have to be enough quantity, I’ve to confess: I’ve not too long ago discovered myself obsessed in recent years with Victorian rings. Overdue at night time, when I will’t relief, I scroll thru antique jewelers and imagine the choices. My want is encouraged, no less than partly, through the ancient analysis I’ve been doing for my secure. It’s no longer that I wish to emulate Queen Victoria, however I in finding her tale interesting, and her taste much more so. For far of her year, Victoria wore an 18-karat gold serpent ring, prepared with rubies (for the optical), diamonds (for the mouth), and a massive emerald (on the crown of the snake’s head). This was once her engagement ring, a present from her loved Albert. Next Victoria was once noticed dressed in it, hundreds of related baubles had been offered at jewellery retail outlets all over Europe and The us. Regardless of the animal’s affiliation with temptation and treachery, those rings stay frequent even now, symbols of never-ending love. As for the untouched ring, it sounds as if to had been buried with the queen, an enduring tribute to her one superb love. 

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