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Latines Are Extra More likely to Be Astrology Believers

“There is a subconscious influence because it goes back to our cultural roots, [our] Indigenous cultural theology,” Jasmin Alejandrez-Prasad, an astrologer with Mexican and Peruvian heritage, tells Refinery29 Somos. ​​She notes that Western practices determine cosmology as a independent, medical working out of the way the universe used to be created, however to lots of our ancestors, cosmology and astrology had been intertwined and threaded via our cultural ideals and practices. “I think a lot of that somehow still gets passed down. These cultural beliefs — like connecting to the earth, connecting to the four elements, and incorporating the cosmos and the earth into our theology — is just so wired within us, based on our ancestral DNA. This is why we’re more inclined toward incorporating astrology, or the language of it, in some sort of capacity [into our lives].”

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