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Nonprofit Director in Washington, D.C. — Cash Diary

Career: Program Director
Business: Nonprofit
Date: 28
Location: Washington, D.C.
Wage: $111,000
Web Use: $43,216 (checking: $4,954, HYSA: $32,875, 401(okay): $3,657, IRA: $1,730).
Debt: $0
Paycheck Quantity (2x/week): $3,371.49
Pronouns: She/her

Per 30 days Bills
Hire: $2,425 for a one-bedroom condo with a parking spot.
Electrical: $30-$50
Wi-Fi: $45
Fitness Insurance coverage: $43.90 (pre-tax).
FSA Contribution: $83.33 (pre-tax).
401(okay): $139.50 (pre-tax, matched by means of my employer).
Streaming/Information Subscriptions: $80.33
Spotify: $2.50 (I proportion a “family” plan with a number of pals).
Google/Apple Storagefacility: $5.10 (I’m what one would possibly name a virtual hoarder).
Donations: $41.67 (Petite routine donations to a couple of abortion finances and alternative organizations).

Annual Bills
Renters Insurance coverage: $98 each six months.

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