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Salone del Cellular 2022: 12 Very best Brandnew Launches

Jonathan Anderson is among the few type designers actively dedicated to standard craft, sourcing world artisans to have a hand in his paintings at Loewe throughout the Loewe Craft Prize, and, naturally, Salone. This year round, Loewe takes at the humble stick chair, an ceaselessly lost sight of piece of furnishings this is however an indelible a part of historical past. Thirty chairs, 22 of which might be antique, were wrapped, reimagined, and coiled in leather-based, foil, shearling, and raffia, all in a slew of Loewe-approved colours that uplift the quotidian piece of furnishings to its rightful condition as an artwork piece. The show off additionally features a choice of baggage impressed via the chairs, furthering the circularity of Loewe’s collective artwork, type, and design ethos.

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