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Stetson Groups With Westward Leather-based on Upcycled Hat Tablet – WWD

The marketplace for antique hats is more potent than ever so it’s disagree miracle that Stetson is leaping into the fray.

The logo, which dates to 1865, has partnered with Ben Fife, proprietor of Westward Leather-based Corporate of Spokane, Washington, on a different upcycled assortment.

The limited-edition order is composed of 10 hats in signature Stetson types together with the Obvious Street. Every hat has been relined and restored the usage of alternative upcycled fabrics, and likewise includes a one-of-a-kind hat band created via Fife. 

“Ben is an incredibly dedicated and talented craftsman who’s been a friend of the brand for years,” stated Tyler Thoreson, vice chairman of promoting for Stetson. “When he shared his passion for vintage Stetsons and the artistry he brought to restoring them, we immediately knew we wanted to provide a bigger platform for him and his work.” 

He stated the hats have been sourced via Fife from his community of antique Stetson creditors and day again 4, 5 or 6 many years. They have been “meticulously inspected and ultimately approved by the Stetson team before the upcycling process began.”

The hats will retail from $950 to $1,250 and be to be had completely to be had at the Stetson site settingup Sept. 25. 

“Stetson hats have always been crafted to last, and it’s not uncommon to find a vintage Stetson that’s many decades old and still in great shape,” Thorson stated. “This is our first upcycled collection, and given the response we’ve received so far, I’d be highly surprised if it’s our last.” 

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