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The 5 Largest Eyebrow Developments for 2023

No longer too way back, there was once a hour when your brows had to be crammed in, completely arched, and blocky to end up you had been as much as future at the unedited eyebrow traits. Daring brows had been all over the place, with multi-step forehead routines inspiring a increase within the foundation of forehead pomades, gels, pencils, and powders.

Alternatively, in recent times, makeup trends have advanced towards a extra natural-looking method. Eyebrow traits have adopted go well with, with fluffy, brushed-up (verging on unruly) brows dominating each the catwalks and our Instagram feeds. “I’ve definitely been using less in my brows, and I know my clients have too,” says make-up artist and forehead specialist Lucy Hart. “Brows are definitely a lot softer compared to previous years, and I think for 2023, fluffy, natural brows are here to stay.” 

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