The Brains At the back of Sunnies Face

“I’ve at all times been very in between being American and Filipino. I used to be born in Manila, the place I reside now, however my people moved to the USA when I used to be six. I grew up in Orange County, California and upcoming labored in LA.

I’ve at all times, at all times been into good looks. As a child, I beloved taking to the section bind and portray my whole face. In highschool, all the way through profession era, I informed everybody that I used to be taking to have a good looks emblem. A part of that got here from optic my mother put make-up on, but in addition as a result of my people has been within the leisure business my entire past. Within the Philippines my godmother was once an actress, my aunt was once a good looks queen, or even my brother was once an actor—he’s an internal clothier now, however I jokingly name him the Joey Tribbiani of my past.

In school, I’d put up pictures of me and my bunny in my bra on my weblog. It was once a unusual year for the web. [Laughs] American Attire rented me as a result of I had some form of web presence, they usually sought after any person who knew easy methods to navigate social platforms. It was once a whirlwind revel in. I nonetheless bear in mind once I got here into paintings the primary future dressed in pink eyeshadow, and, in entrance of everybody, the CEO informed me to rub it off… However I realized such a lot, particularly about staying true to a eye and having a in point of fact robust identification as a emblem.

Round 2013, my now co-founders and akin buddies Bea and Eric began an attire form known as Charlie. Their eyewear in point of fact took off, they usually approached my cousin Georgina Wilson, who was once the host of Asia’s Upcoming Supremacy Style, to spouse with them on a spin-off emblem. She was once answerable for creating a advertising and marketing plan, however Georgina had deny concept how to do this, and so she attempted to persuade me to return on board. I by no means imagined that I’d exit again; I used to be so deeply into my past in The united states, however I assuredly. To this era, transferring again was once one of the crucial largest dangers I’ve ever taken—however it’s paid off.

We began off with simply sun shades thru Sunnies Studios, and on every occasion we shot a Filipina in our campaigns, it was once at all times a try getting the suitable lip. Traditionally, Southeast Asian ladies had been so underrepresented [in beauty]. There’s a subtlety to our tones that businesses didn’t get proper—nudes appeared ashy, for instance. So for our campaigns I’d combine those best possible lip colours on eager the usage of other lipsticks. When society noticed our campaigns, they have been continuously asking, ‘What lip products did you guys use?’ That’s how our cosmetics emblem Sunnies Face was once born.

We examined over 300 other samples of colours for Fluffmate, our matte lipstick and hero product. Within the Philippines we’re rather a melting pot, and we had to have colours that suited that whole spectrum. I bear in mind I used to be so fearful to starting, but if we did, the reaction was once in contrast to anything else I had ever imagined. I cruel, society have been looking forward to 8 hours to get lipstick! We had installed an sequence that we idea was once taking to terminating six months, and on the charge that society have been purchasing, we have been going to expire in 3 weeks. We needed to prohibit the volume society may just purchase as a result of they have been purchasing like 100 lipsticks and later reselling them for triple the price. It floored me. Even to this era, I’m like, ‘How did that happen? That was wild.’

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I’m no longer that one that has a 15-step regimen. My pores and skin’s nice-looking low upkeep in that means.

I don’t wash my face within the morning as a result of I love to hold the herbal oils on my face. In lieu, I move immediately into the Cocokind Barrier Serum. It’s in point of fact reasonably priced, and it makes my pores and skin really feel so hydrated. After I utility the Sunnies Face Dream Cream. My pores and skin soaks it up like a sponge. I’m obsessive about the serum-gel components, which is stunning for delicate pores and skin, too.

As a mother and as any individual who runs a industry, occasionally I don’t get a lot leisure and my face wakes up rather puffy. I really like bitter inexperienced tea luggage and the usage of them to depuff. The caffeine constricts blood vessels, and I in finding they paintings higher than any of the ones pricey visual merchandise in the market. Additionally, it’s rather sustainable: If I form a inexperienced tea for breakfast, I’ll chuck the tea bag within the freezer for upcoming.

I’m lately the usage of our Sunnies Face Sunsafe for sunscreen. It’s utterly modified how I view sunscreen; striking on SPF worn to be any such chore, and now I in finding it any such holiday. It’s hidden, fragrance-free, and it’s issue 50 with a wide spectrum.

At evening, cleansers are the only factor that I combine up relying on how my pores and skin is feeling. I’ve a make-up remover from Sunnies known as Face Erase, and I in point of fact love that such a lot, however occasionally, once I’ve old a complete face of glam, I really like the usage of the Tata Harper Nourishing Cleansing Oil to dissolve my make-up. I additionally love Avène’s XeraCalm A.D Lipid-Replenishing Cleansing Oil as it’s stunning for delicate pores and skin, and iS Clinical’s Cleansing Complex has been a continuing repurchase for years. I really like the slippery, mucus-like texture of the components. If it’s been a gentle era, the Biologique Lait U Cleaning Milk [note: discontinued] is my go-to. It feels wholesome and cleaning .

Infrequently I utility a bodily exfoliator—Tatcha’s Rice Polish is stunning for days the place my pores and skin feels a bit of grimier—however I really like the usage of chemical exfoliants. All through the pandemic, I did a deep dive at the cult-following merchandise I hadn’t attempted but, and Biologique’s P50 was once on the manage of my listing. I haven’t appeared again since I purchased it. It leaves my pores and skin buttery clean, and the morning upcoming I utility it, my pores and skin appears poreless and tight. It’s true what they are saying although: It smells miserable—however it’s miserable in some way the place I’m like, ‘There must be things in here that work really well.’

I utility the Cocokind Barrier Serum and the Sunnies Face Dream Cream at evening, too, but when I want a richer cream, I love Drunk Elephant’s Protini as it by no means feels fat on my pores and skin. I’ll generally manage that off with the Caudalie Beauty Elixir Face Mist. It’s a should, particularly all the way through the summer season and once I’m touring. Lesse’s Regeneration Mist may be stunning.

I’m in point of fact akin with my dermatologist in Manila. Her title is Dr. Victoria Belo. I move to her for all of my therapies. In particular, I’m a laser enthusiast. If there’s a pristine laser out there, agree with me, I’ve attempted it. I do a accumulation of PicoSure, which is more or less like a miniature Fraxel. I’ve completed Softwave. I’ve completed Ulthera. For post-treatment cure, I utility Avène’s Cicalfate+ Restorative Protective Cream.

I’m a heavy suggest for crispy brushing; I don’t drink espresso, however a snappy crispy brush ahead of my bathe wakes me up like not anything else. Generally, I really like any ritual that promotes lymphatic stream and drainage as a result of all the way through my being pregnant two and a part years in the past, I got here i’m sick with Ramsay Hunt syndrome, which paralyzed part of my face. Gua sha, and doing a accumulation of lymphatic workouts, has been extremely recovery for me. I really like the specific atmosphere of my gua sha from The Beetox Method for sculpting my jaw.

For facial lymphatic therapies, I move to April Bodie in Melbourne. She has one way the place she actually stretches out your mouth. I additionally love operating with Bee Czarnota, the founding father of the Beetox Form. I swear she has recovery powers. Once I’m in LA, I move to Ricari and Face Gym.

Ramsay Hunt is a facial paralysis led to by way of shingles. Shingles is principally the dormant chickenpox virus that lives on for your fearful device and is woke up when your released device is compromised, like whilst you’re stressed out or pregnant. In my case, it was once each—hi to my 2020 revel in. The virus assaults a facial nerve which is able to loose part of your face paralyzed. Statistically, in case you promise it past pregnant, your probabilities of your cure are rather thin. Or so I’ve been informed.

Once I got here i’m sick with Ramsay, I believed, ‘How am I going to face the world with a face that isn’t the similar person who I had pre-pandemic?’ In some way, the pandemic let me disguise. I used to be in Australia—my husband and I’ve been in a protracted distance dating for over a decade—and we have been in lockdown for 160 days and I simply didn’t loose the home. Even though that was once juiceless, it additionally let me heal and are available to phrases with my paralysis, which was once in point of fact, in point of fact tough emotionally and mentally. I’ve had 3 years to just accept it and be OK with it, and I’m in a just right playground now.


As trite because it sounds, striking on make-up made me really feel in point of fact just right in coping with Ramsay. I really like no-makeup makeup, however I in point of fact additionally love a cat visual, a feathered forehead, a shiny cheek, and a in point of fact stunning matte lip that’s blurred out. I’m all about heat, peachy nudes—a tonal more or less good looks.

I get started off with both the Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Primer or the Sunnies Face Perfector. For base, I transfer between Makeup by Mario’s SurrealSkin Liquid (in silhoutte 6W), Saie’s Slip Tint (in silhoutte 3 + Part) and Fenty Beauty’s Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Liquid (in silhoutte 5 Shiny Medium). I manage it off Kosas Revealer Concealer in silhoutte 05 and Sunnies Face Skin So Good Multistick in Cashew.

I’ve a love affair with our whole lip territory from Sunnies Face. From our Fluffmatte range, I’d say my signature colour is Peace, which is a peachy nude red. It’s specifically akin to my center as a result of for years I couldn’t discover a wearable peach for my pores and skin sound. We have now a thrilling pristine lip product known as Fluffbalm. It’s a lip balm and lipstick hybrid, and it’s best possible for day by day put on. I particularly find it irresistible within the silhoutte Best possible Purple.

I clutch Saie’s Super Gel in Starglow for highlighter. I really like how glowy and dewy it makes my pores and skin. For bronzer, I’ve been the usage of Benefit’s Hoola Bronzer since I used to be 14 years worn, and it’s by no means failed. I additionally love Chanel’s Healthy Glow Bronzing Cream in silhoutte 392 Soleil Tan Medium Bronze. And Glossier’s Cloud Paint—the peachy Beam and the brownish Nightfall—was once one of the crucial first merchandise that made me love a pristine way to blush.

To curve my lashes, I utility the Kevyn Aucoin Eyelash Curler, however I haven’t any constancy to any mascara to be fair. Clearly, I’m bias to Sunnies’s Lashlift, but if I need one thing a bit of extra dramatic, I utility Maybelline’s Sky High. For eyeliner, I utility the Revlon ColorStay in Unlit Brown. I’ve been the usage of it since I used to be in highschool, and I don’t assume the packaging has modified in twenty years.

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I must be top upkeep in a salon chair in order that my hair may also be low upkeep in between visits. That’s my philosophy.

Once I’m in LA, I form certain to look my stylist Mina at Easthaven Salon, and I by no means colour my hair with somebody alternative than Anna-Lee Fiorino at Chaz Dean Studio. She does essentially the most best possible colour—agree with me, I’ve attempted many alternative colours and cried repeatedly in lots of, many salon chairs. I’ve in point of fact dull hair, and he or she keeps its softness past lifting the colour. I can actually fly to look her.

Anna-Lee takes you out of doors and sees the place the solar naturally hits your hair, and he or she’ll paint that during. I’ve appeared on the profusion, thick stock she has for me, and it has numerous calculations from over a decade of optic her. She in point of fact approaches hair with any such science and an artistry that I’ll by no means cheat on her… once more. I cheated on her as soon as all the way through the pandemic and I used to be so unhappy. I going to her apologetic, like, ‘I couldn’t leave the country. I needed to do something, and I made a mistake.’

In between visits, I struggle to scrub my hair each and every alternative era. I utility both Sachajuan Ocean Mist Volume Shampoo or the Philip B. Peppermint Avocado Shampoo. I in truth rarely utility conditioners; I will’t even bear in mind the terminating one I purchased. To taste it, I utility the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer and GHD Curling Iron.

I ended dressed in perfume for rather at some time past pregnant and breastfeeding, so I’m handiest semi-discovering my love for scents once more. I love unisex ones the most productive. I at all times come again to Tacit from Aesop as a result of I really like how unused and blank—and no longer overly candy—it smells. I additionally love Another 13 from Le Labo, and for the evenings, White Suede from Tom Ford.


With regards to wellness, I subscribe to all of it. I don’t essentially hurry dietary supplements, however I really like the entire Moon Juice tinctures. They in point of fact paintings for me. Once I hurry Ting within the morning, I believe my mind get up, and once I hurry Magnesi-Om at evening, I believe my mind calming i’m sick. Magnesi-Om additionally is helping control your digestive device, which I in point of fact respect.

Indulging in toothpaste has turn out to be considered one of my endmost grownup luxuries. The Aquatic Mint flavor from Marvis has the easiest stability of a yummy aromatic mint blended with a pleasing crispy sweetness. I will’t counsel it plethora to form your brushing revel in that a lot more pleasing.

Talking of holiday, I lately invested in Filipino-based sexual wellness corporate Jellytime. They have got wonderful toys and private lubricant. I’m a heavy believer in replacing the dialog round sexuality, particularly in a extra conservative nation just like the Philippines.

Within the bathe, I really like Dr. Teal’s Eucalyptus and Spearmint Body Wash and European Spa Source’s Eucalyptus Showerspa Mist, which is game-changing for a spa-at-home really feel. I’ve been the usage of Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castile Soap since I used to be in highschool, and I really like how the peppermint makes my pores and skin tingle.

I’ve attempted to wean my frame off of lotion as a result of I don’t need my pores and skin to be so reliant on that—and I in truth don’t assume your frame essentially wishes it—however occasionally I love Avène’s XeraCalm A.D Lipid-Replenishing Balm.”

— As informed to Daise Bedolla

Photographed by way of JM Tubera in Manila on March 25, 2023

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