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The nineteen Perfect Met Gala Attire Ever, Consistent with Harper’s Bazaar

“As Swifties hand-sew and shop for their Eras Tour costumes, I’m shocked that more fans haven’t replicated Taylor Swift’s metallic 2016 Met Gala look by Louis Vuitton. I would have paid homage to it with my own tour outfit if I had the costume creation expertise. It’s one of the defining looks from Taylor’s short-lived ‘Bleachella’ era—tied with the bomber jacket featuring ‘This Is What You Came For’ single cover art and a ribbon choker she wore to Coachella that year—and my low-key favorite moment from her 17-year style evolution.

The whole look, with the blunt bleached haircut and the triangular cut-outs and the knee-high, criss-crossing leather sandal heels, was a hard-left turn from every other style she’d experimented with before. It felt like Taylor was taking a real risk, which is why I love it so much. And, according to purely speculative Swiftie lore, it may or may not be the look worn on an evening that may or may not have inspired the Reputation fan-favorite song “Getaway Car.” For its association with that song’s perfect bridge alone, it’s my top Met Gala look. I can only hope Taylor attends again this year and wears another outfit inspiring a future most-played song on my Spotify Wrapped.”—Halie LeSavage, Type Trade Writer

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