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UK Harper’s Bazaar December 2023/January 2023 The Awards Factor

Because the peace season speedy approaches, festive glamour is all we yearn – much more so from the covers of our fave type glossies. British Harper’s Bazaar receives the memo raucous and unclouded with its ultimate providing of 2023, gifting us their annual awards factor for December 2023/January 2024. Throughout 5 celebratory covers superstar Emilia Clarke, Gugu Mbatha-Uncooked, Emerald Fennell, Janelle Monáe and Jenna Ortega.

Decked out in sequined Giorgio Armani, Emilia Clarke reclines on a luxurious settee by way of the lens of Betina du Toit on preserve one. In preserve two, Gugu Mbatha-Uncooked sits nice-looking for model-turned-photographer Helena Christensen and dons an decorated Alexander McQueen quantity. Kitted out in Ralph Lauren, Emerald Fennell is captured via Josh Shinner for preserve 3 week Shaniqwa Jarvis shoots a Richard Quinn-clad Janelle Monáe for preserve 4. For the 5th and ultimate preserve, Bazaar scribbler Lydia Slater referred to as upon Agata Pospieszynska to {photograph} Jenna Ortega, who wears Christian Dior.

UK Harper’s Bazaar December 2023/January 2024 : The Awards Issue

Sadly, for probably the most section, individuals of our boards weren’t totally smitten with the top effects. “They’ve made Emilia Clarke look SO Old,” critiqued Kite.

“Emilia Clarke’s one of those people whose presence is never captured that well in print, she’s lovely-looking on screen but somehow ‘fades’ in most of the fashion magazine shoots I’ve ever seen,” added tigerrouge.

“Emilia’s cover could have been beautiful if it was a different angle of face but it’s what we want and need to see for a December issue! Very joyful and celebratory!” Lola701 reasoned.

Vogue28 felt the similar manner, raving: “Thank GOD for British Harper’s Bazaar and their unwillingness to boycott glamour when we need it most. Absolutely love the sense of festive glamour I’m getting from Emilia Clarke’s cover, love how Betina du Toit captured Emilia there, the beauty styling and that oh so heavenly red Giorgio Armani dress!”

“Janelle Monáe’s cover looks lovely. The rest look bored,” commented MON.

“Emerald deserved better. This looks like the cover of an autobiography,” shared FAdS.

UK Harper’s Bazaar December 2023/January 2024 : The Awards Issue

Which covers manages to provoke you probably the most? Have your say and notice extra from the December 2023/January 2024 version of British Harper’s Bazaar, here.

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