What you Might Not Know about Nose Rings

Wearing a nose ring is an old practice with thousands of years of history. While some people wear nose rings to take part in religious rituals others wear one to symbolize wedded bliss. Today, wearing a nose ring is more than a fad. Modern nose piercings already include a bridge piercing, together with septum and nostril piercings. Such piercings can have a specific significance about social status in many countries.

Keep reading to know more about nose piercings:

Significance of Nose Piercings

Africans and the people of the Middle East offer nose rings to women as part of their marriage ritual. Giving nose rings symbolize the husband’s commitment to their marriage. Also, nose rings for women are famous in countries like Tibet and Nepal. Women in India wear a nose ring called nath and a stud called phul to pay homage to the Hindu goddess of marriage. The rings’ shape and style vary based on their regions.

Kinds of Nose Rings

Nose rings, nose studs, and septum studs are the three kinds of nose jewelry. Septum rings are mainly worn by men. This is quite famous among Native American people. The ring goes through the septum which is the fleshy partition that separates the nostrils. A nose ring is a hoop placed through a hole in the nose. It is made out of gold, stainless steel, titanium, or silver. Choosing the right material for the nose ring is important, especially for people with sensitive skin.

Things to Keep in Mind when Getting Nose Rings

There are many reasons people wear nose rings. While others wear them as a symbol of rebellion against conservative ideals or parents, others do it as a symbol of beauty and for spiritual reasons.  Although nose rings are common in women, nose jewelry is worn by both men and women. It is also important to note that nose piercings are tricky to heal. Just like other body piercings, it’s important to consult with a licensed technician or physician before wearing one.

Moreover, women in India usually wear nose rings in their left nostril. This symbolizes beauty, indicates social status, or as a way to follow the Ayurveda teachings. In the United States, people wear these pieces of jewelry to represent individuality. Also, some people wear nose hoops on either the inner or outer part of the ear. This style is famous among teenagers who want to wear nose jewelry without getting their nose pierced.