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20 Cottagecore Dresses to Wear This Summer

TikTok has made many fashion aesthetics famous over the past several years—tomato girl, mob wife, mermaidcore—and the common consensus is a bit of fatigue surrounding the -cores of the internet. That’s all fine and fair, but we’d be remiss to ignore the fact that some of the aesthetics that have been popularized are major winners, and at the top of that list is cottagecore.

Cottagecore and its minimalist floral patterns, muted tones, and whimsical silhouettes surfaced a couple of years ago to make the collective internet want to frolic in a field with a picnic and fist full of daises. Many have since moved on, but given the romantic, understated vibes the aesthetic brings, I find that to be a crime. Summertime is made for a bit of escapism, and that’s exactly what cottagecore brings.

If you’re also not ready to let cottagecore slip away, these 20 summer dresses perfectly capture the dreamy essence of the aesthetic.

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