A Make-up Artist Stocks the Perfect Primers for Hardened Pores and skin

Famous person make-up artist Elizabeth Seropian has a couple of guidelines for the ones with hardened pores and skin who want a just right primer. “Those with dry skin should look for a hydrating primer that moisturizes and nourishes the skin,” she explains. “Choose primers with ingredients like hyaluronic acid and botanical oils for added hydration. Opt for primers with a dewy or luminous finish to create a healthy, hydrated base for makeup.”

Seropian says there also are a couple of elements usually discovered in lots of primers that the ones with hardened pores and skin will have to steer clear of. “Avoid primers that contain drying ingredients such as alcohol, fragrance, and harsh chemicals,” she says. “These ingredients can further strip the skin of moisture and add to your dryness. Additionally, silicones and mattifying agents may not be the best choice for dry skin as they can create a barrier that prevents hydration from reaching the skin’s surface. It’s best to look for primers with nourishing and moisturizing ingredients that are gentle and soothing for dry skin.” 

Hold scrolling for Seropian’s lead make-up primers for hardened pores and skin and a few WWW favorites. 

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