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Barbie Ferreira on ‘Bob Trevino Likes It,’ SXSW, and Her Breakout Life

Barbie Ferreira is formally in her leading-girl day. The previous “Euphoria” actress made her movie competition debut at SXSW because the famous person of “Bob Trevino Likes It” — and the movie went directly to win the narrative constituent pageant.

“I was very nervous, because I’m always nervous to see my face,” says Ferreira the moment next the movie’s premiere. It used to be her first month looking at a last short of the movie, which used to be written and directed by means of first-time constituent filmmaker Tracie Laymon. However as soon as the screening were given underway, “my anxiety kind of went away, and I got swept into it,” she provides. “My family was there, people who worked on the movie, strangers who bought tickets — and everyone was laughing and crying. It was so cool to see 400 people reacting, and having these emotional reactions. We all hoped that would happen, but you never know.”

The 27-year-old actress attended the premiere together with her Brazilian mom and grandmother, who used to be specifically moved by means of the nation’s reaction to the bittersweet movie. “Afterwards to me she goes, ‘I saw grown men crying.’ Like, the most shocked she’s ever been,” says Ferreira. “And I was like, ‘yeah, grandma — it’s a sad movie. Grown men are allowed to cry.’”

The movie used to be well-received by means of critics, who lauded Ferreira’s complicated efficiency. Ferreira stars within the movie as Lily Trevino, a unwanted younger lady who befriends a person on Fb with the similar identify as her estranged organic father. The pair collision up a web-based friendship that continues to form offline, evolving right into a surrogate father-daughter dating anchored by means of shock. Laymon, who grew up in Houston, wrote the script according to an actual non-public revel in.

“Lily Trevino isn’t Tracie, but the soul and everything is there,” says Ferreira. “So it was cool finding where the character lands, and making it true to Tracie and the story itself, and keeping it real and grounded and finding those funny moments — because everything that’s sad is kind of funny too. I always use humor to get over pain.”

Barbie Ferreira

Barbie Ferreira

Roger Kisby/WWD

Ferreira, who used to be the primary actor to signal directly to the movie, additionally hooked up with the tale on a non-public degree.

“I didn’t grow up with my father. Having this film, I didn’t really know how much it was going to resonate with me. And how much, even on set, even after reading and after working on it and being in it, how much it would affect me,” she says, describing the revel in as emotionally cathartic. “This movie is such a vehicle for healing and being more vulnerable to the world.”

John Leguizamo portrays her selected father determine within the movie. The costars bonded over their Brandnew York connection — Ferreira grew up within the town, and Leguizamo nonetheless lives there — and shared a very easy dynamic that they introduced onscreen.

“It was so great to observe and learn [from Leguizamo], because I didn’t go to any classical formal training,” says Ferreira. “I’m fairly new [to the industry] — about six years — and every time I hop on a set it’s a learning experience for me, and I unlock something.”

The actress, who needful out portraying fan-favorite Kat in “Euphoria,” introduced her leaving from the order ultimate yr. However relating to display month, Ferreira isn’t going any place. Along with “Bob Trevino,” she stars in two after horror motion pictures: “House of Spoils,” an Amazon and Blumhouse coproduction, and “Faces of Death,” a remake of a debatable 1978 cult movie.

“I love a fun, well-made horror movie,” Ferreira says. “I did ‘Faces of Death’ and then ‘Bob Trevino’ about a month later. I was like, these things are very taxing in different ways,” she provides. “I’m not scared of my emotions. I love facing them head on.”

What’s nearest? “Maybe I’ll do some comedy,” says Ferreira, who’s additionally aligned herself with manufacturers like YSL Beauty and Levi’s, showing in a campaign ultimate fall. “I also want to do something like a period piece, for fun. I’m open to anything. As long as it’s good writing and a director I really connect with, I’m so down.”

Barbie Ferreira

Barbie Ferreira

Roger Kisby/WWD

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