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Bel Powley Dishes On ‘A Tiny Shiny,’ Her Occupation & Extra

Nationwide Geographic for Disney/Tyler Demogenes

When Bel Powley were given the a part of Miep Gies within the fresh miniseries A Small Light, which debuts on Nationwide Geographic on Monday, Might 1, and can tide the upcoming age on Disney+ and Hulu, it was once supposed to be. “I met with director Susanna Fogel a few years back about a different project, and I loved meeting with her. We stayed in touch and she offered me this part. It came to me on Holocaust Remembrance Day, which was pretty special. I’m Jewish, so I was immediately intrigued by this project,” the 31-year-old completely tells GRAZIA USA.

The actual tale specializes in Miep, who is helping conceal her employer, Otto Frank (Anne Frank‘s family), from the Nazis during World War II. Though Anne Frank’s tale has been instructed in lots of modes, A Tiny Shiny is other because it facilities on how courageous Miep was once for making an attempt to safe haven the brood clear of threat. “When I read the pilot, I was blown away by how contemporary it felt, even though it’s a part of history we know too well. It felt like a fresh way to tell the story, so I immediately said, ‘I would love to be part of it,’” the actress explains.

To deliver for Powley to get into the proper headspace, she flew to Amsterdam, the place Anne spent maximum of her age. “Amsterdam is kind of a character in the show itself, and it’s such an iconic city that operates in a very specific way. I got on a plane and then got on a bike and started cycling around,” she stocks. “I cycled Miep’s route to work from her apartment, and I cycled the route she took Anne’s sister Margo through the checkpoint. I took a private tour of the Anne Frank House, which I hadn’t been to before. I did all of that before I went to Prague and started doing hair and makeup.”

Roy Rochlin/Getty Pictures for Disney+

“I wanted to immerse myself in the city and feel what it was like to be there. I also read Anne Frank Remembered, which Miep wrote with Alison Leslie Gold. The book is a firsthand account of the events that happened, and I found that incredibly useful,” she says. “You get a sense of her vivaciousness, playfulness and sassiness from the pages.”

Since Miep is according to an actual particular person, Powley was once “aware of the responsibility” she had of bringing her to age. “It’s also a part of history that means a lot to people,” she says. “I felt a responsibility to do it differently. We all know about Anne Frank’s diary, but this time around, we wanted to make sure people connected to the story. Otherwise what’s the point? I was striving to make this feel as contemporary as possible — and make it feel relatable.”

Roy Rochlin/Getty Pictures for Disney+

In fact, the fabric was once “emotionally taxing” for Powley and the forged, however she notes when Miep is first offered within the form, she’s a “young directionless woman” who’s newly in love. “I thought that was a good way to make people connect to this part of history in a different kind of way and that part was fun,” she remembers. “Then it gets a bit dark from there. The first three episodes were the more fun ones to film. I also loved my costumes. It was so much easier to access this character through the clothes Matthew Simonelli put me in.”

On the finish of the age, the U.K. native is hopeful this may resonate with younger audiences who would possibly not find out about this hour length. “There are so many parallels between the forties and what is going on now in the world,” she notes. “We’re living through the biggest refugee crisis the world has ever seen, antisemitism is on the rise and there’s a war in Europe. In some ways, it’s a cautionary tale. It’s important we show everything from the beginning. History has a way of repeating itself.”

“I want people to see what this incredible woman did, and I want everyone to see themselves in her,” she continues of Miep. “Anyone can do good and turn on a small light in a dark room. There’s always small acts of kindness that can make the world a better place.”

Roy Rochlin/Getty Pictures for Disney+

Moreover, running with Liev Schreiber, who performs Otto Frank, was once a spotlight for Powley. “I learned so much from him,” she says. “He’s such an incredible actor. We got along really well and seeing him work the way he does was fascinating. He can think of a scene from a different point of view — he can see the whole thing as a whole. Working with Liev and Joe Cole, who plays Jan Gies, was amazing. They’re two of my favorite actors I’ve ever worked with, to be honest.”

Despite the fact that it’s “scary” that A Tiny Shiny is sort of out on the earth, the brunette good looks is making an attempt to not get beaten by means of all of it. “I want to focus on the experience rather than thinking about how it will be received and what people will think. It was an incredible experience and so fulfilling. These kinds of stories don’t come around that often, so I am holding onto that.”

The tale additionally approach a accumulation to Powley as her grandma, who died right through the COVID-19 pandemic, would were “so proud” of her function within the form. “It makes it a little bit more special,” she notes.
Anthony Behar/PictureGroup for Nationwide Geographic

As for what the month holds, Powley is concerned with dabbling in alternative genres. “I like variety. A comedy could be fun. I enjoy doing comedy and drama, but maybe I need a minute from another World War II show,” she quips. “I just wrapped another movie. It’s a dystopian romance, and I’m excited for that to come out too.”

A Small Light debuts on Monday, Might 1, at 9 p.m. ET on Nationwide Geographic.

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