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‘By no means Have I Ever’ Megastar Lee Rodriguez Dishes On Ultimate Season

HAIR: Cindy Romero
MAKEUP: Armando Garcia
STYLIST: Luca Kingston

Netflix’s strike order Never Have I Ever goes out with a bang for its fourth and ultimate season — which premiered on Thursday, June 8 — and Lee Rodriguez, who performs the unusual and hilarious Fabiola Torres, is “excited” for lovers to “see her more in her element” this week round.

“But you’ll also see her involved in the drama, which is always fun,” the 23-year-old solely tells GRAZIA USA.

Moreover, there’s the past timeless query of who will Devi Vishwakumar (performed via Maitreyi Ramakrishnan) select: good-looking hunk Paxton Corridor-Yoshida (performed via Darren Barnet) or nerdy Ben Improper (performed via Jared Lewison). “I hope fans are happy with who she picks!” Rodriguez quips. “For me, personally, I’m like, ‘Oh, team Paxton.’ But then I go back and forth. I don’t want to say because I don’t want people to think I already know, so right now, I will say I am torn between the two,” she says.

“Love triangles are iconic,” the actress notes, including that it’s nonetheless “surreal” what number of nation are invested within the order, which premiered in April 2020. “It’s cool and exciting how fans are watching the show and really standing by Ben or Paxton. I was such a big Twilight fan, and I was always like, ‘Team Jacob’ — until my heart was broken by the end of Twilight. Now, looking back, I appreciated Edward. I think I am more on Team Edward now!”

For the reason that order, which used to be created via Mindy Kaling, first aired amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Rodriguez didn’t get to movie a display like customary because of the all of the protection protocols in park. Nonetheless, she’s thankful the comedy helped others, particularly all over lockdown. “I am glad I was a light for people,” she says.

Over the seasons, audience have fallen in love with Fabiola and gotten to peer her actually come into herself as she navigates highschool and figures out her sexuality. “When I am in wardrobe, I feel more like her, like having my hair done a certain way or my makeup being done just right,” she stocks. “We were able to make the characters our own, but the writing is so good. You don’t see improv in a show like this because the jokes are there, and it’s so funny to begin with.”

“Fabiola is a loyal and levelheaded friend. I connect with that a lot because my friendships mean a lot to me, and I always try to be there for them,” she continues. “She’s always striving to be the best at what she does, and I feel that, too. I brought my own personal mannerisms to the character because I am naturally dorky in my own way, and I feel like playing her allowed me to bring out more of my dorkiness.”

Moreover, running with Kaling has been an “honor and privilege” for the emerging superstar. “To be able to play a character she wrote has been a cool experience. She’s so awesome and brilliant,” she says. “It’s been a blast. I’m glad Fabiola stayed around for all the seasons!” she exclaims. “Mindy is in a lane of her own when it comes to comedy, so I have definitely learned a lot about her style of comedy — and seeing her work ethic. She has so many different things going on, and she’s so kind and nice and very down to earth.”

Rodriguez loves getting to hold with her castmembers, who at the moment are her lifelong buddies, particularly since that is most commonly everybody’s first weighty fracture within the business, nevertheless it’s additionally rewarding for her to play games Fabiola and constitute the LGBTQ+ society. “A lot of people see themselves in her, and I think that is so awesome. I’m honored to play Fabiola and be part of the LGBTQ+ community. I am of Afro-Latina heritage, so to inspire people to be themselves is beautiful. I am glad to be here,” she gushes.

When the brunette attractiveness isn’t performing, she dabbles in tune. “It’s something I’ve wanted to do forever — even before acting,” she says. “I’m trying it out and seeing where it goes. It’s been therapeutic for me.”

Rodriguez information beneath the moniker L. a. Rhonza, and her first unmarried “Afterthought” used to be exempted on June 1. “I have a lot more music that I’ve made that I will put out this year, so I am excited for people to see my musical side,” she stocks. “It’s a lot different from when people watch me on Never Have I Ever. I’m more girly and sassy, and I am excited for people to hear my music and grow with me as an artist.”

HAIR: Cindy Romero
MAKEUP: Armando Garcia
STYLIST: Luca Kingston

Rodriguez writes from her personal non-public reviews, along with paying attention to Coco Jones, Summer time Walker and SZA, to call a couple of. “I would sing all the time as a little girl, and I used to love Hannah Montana. I still love Hannah Montana! It’s a big reason why I got into music.”

Between making a song, performing and modeling, the California local “loves” conquering all of it. “I love doing a lot of different things. It stretches my creativity. I can’t just stick to one thing,” she says. “I really want to get into poetry. I’ve written poetry, but I want to take it a step further and make a poetry book or do spoken word poetry. I think that’s my next endeavor.”

When requested if Rodriguez plans on striking out an brochure one while, she enthusiastically quips, “Heck yeah!”

Additionally at the record? “I would love to be in a horror film. I would love to do drama. I’d love to do more films, so I am manifesting all of that for myself,” she unearths.

Then By no means Have I Ever was an rapid fan-favorite, Rodriguez feels assured that is the place she’s intended to be. “I felt like I was putting the hard work in, and it had to pay off eventually. I always manifest, and I believe in myself a lot,” she proclaims. “I’m persistent and I dedicate a lot of time to something I love, no matter how big or small it is. I hope I can inspire people. I love talking to my fans on TikTok or Instagram because I love to connect with people. When I do make connections, it’s always so special.”

As for what’s later, Rodriguez says “it’s back to the drawing board” on the subject of her later performing exit. “You have to keep going and auditioning and hope something comes of it! I have other endeavors, too, including my music. I have a lot of music that’s already finished that I am planning on putting out. My focus will be on that, which I’m excited about. I want to pick up new hobbies — and learn how to play the drums!” she says.

Never Have I Ever is now streaming on Netflix.

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