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Cult Skin care Emblem Dieux Makes Sephora Debut

On Tuesday, skin care emblem Dieux’s cult ocular mask, moisturisers and serum introduced on-line at Sephora, and shall be adopted by way of a brick-and-mortar foundation into 714 places on March 6.

Sephora is now four-year-old Dieux’s greatest retail spouse and marks its foray into bodily retail following previous partnerships with e-tailers Cult Good looks and Soko Glam. The foundation comes nearest Dieux noticed 8 figures in gross sales in 2023 with 45 p.c year-over-year gross sales expansion.

“We’ve really been focused on direct-to-consumer because that’s just the world that I come from – the internet. We wanted to build a brand, a really strong product offering, and then see where the best place to launch would be,” stated co-founder Charlotte Palermino, who introduced the emblem with Marta Freedman and Joyce de Lemos. “I’m a big believer in omnichannel.”

Era it has sublime branding geared toward a millennial and Gen-Z target market, Dieux positions itself as “very accessibly priced compared to a lot of clinical brands,” stated Palermino, who emphasized the layout’s third-party medical trying out. Dieux’s merchandise field from $25-$69. “It’s really filling a space that I don’t think that Sephora has at this moment.”

To backup the Sephora foundation, the emblem leased a head of retail, Lesley Yee Leung, and is scaling up manufacturing of goods that regularly promote out; its Quick Angel Moisturizer shall be restocked in March.

With over 411,000 TikTok fans, Palermino has constructed up an target market along with her outspoken sizzling takes on skin care subjects starting from sunscreen laws—the emblem is growing a sunscreen tentatively slated for 2025—to the nebulous definition of “clean beauty.”

With maximum of its merchandise in aluminium bottles, Dieux qualifies for Sephora’s “Planet-Positive” badge. Its component profile additionally makes it eligible for the store’s “clean” designation, a time period Palermino is understood for vehemently difficult in her social content material.

“I know that our formulas technically fall under ‘clean.’ Whether we’re going to actually keep the badge or not is up for question,” she stated.

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