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Evaluation: Chanel Rouge Attract Velvet Nuit Blanche

Is there ever a product that you simply wish to get as a result of the packaging?

So much, I do know LOL!

But when packaging tugs at your purse-strings, after the Chanel Rouge Attract Velvet Nuit Blanche may have them doing flip-flops. That white preserve with dark snip is basically beautiful!

Chanel Rouge Attract Velvet Nuit Blanche

The Rouge Attract Velvet isn’t a fresh series, as it’s Chanel’s nod to matte lipstick. As any person who isn’t partial to matte lipsticks because of their drying texture (for essentially the most phase), I’ve discovered those ones from Chanel the one ones to paintings for me.

The colors are pigmented with out being garish, and they don’t seem to be a flat matte color and texture, however is a light matte, instead like how velvet fabric has a matte look, but in addition has a sheen that assists in keeping it taking a look plush.

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On this restricted version field of Rouge Attract Velvet Nuit Blanche, there are 8 restricted version colors housed in untouched white packaging.

The colors are stated to replicate every day of the evening, from 00:00 to 07:00, a color for each and every day.

I used to be proficient 4 colors via the logo.

  • 00:00 – Described as a Sienna Pink, this can be a browned crimson that Chanel says kicks off an evening of word. This can be a color this is wearable for many pores and skin tones, and isn’t too daring.
  • 01:00 – Described as a brick orange, this looks as if a heat crimson within the tube however applies a red-orange. This isn’t a color I in most cases put on as this is a tiny too heat for my pores and skin pitch. However if in case you have deeper pores and skin pitch, or a yellowish, heat pores and skin pitch, this shall be a nice-looking shadow of crimson on you
  • 02:00 – In tube it looks as if a dazzling crimson, and is described as an orange crimson. On the other hand, I to find that it applies with a groovy raspberry undertone, which is flattering on me and appears younger.
  • 06:00 – described as a burnished rosewood, 06:00 to my visuals have a berry tint to it. It’s extra berry toned in individual than you spot within the photograph above. At one age, this may be a color I revel in dressed in, when I used to be in my darker lip segment. This present day, I wish to travel for one thing brighter and lighter as this is a color that appears younger.

The feel is as nice-looking as I bring it to mind to be. I’ve been most commonly the use of lipstick from my assortment right through all this age with out many fresh releases, so I’ve to confess that having some fresh injections of color and texture into my assortment has been refreshing.

I really like that the colors are pigmented with out being garish, and it isn’t so concealed that it looks as if a movie over the lips. I now have a a lot more fickle and comfortable way of life, so once I put on lipstick, it’s basically for occasions (outdoor) so for me, it’s remarkable that it’s one that appears excellent, and lasts a significance quantity of age, and fades with out being patchy. For me, the Rouge Attract Velvet ticks the ones areas.

It’s also great with the intention to take back a posh white lipstick tube, that appears and feels hefty and forged, for touch-ups. No longer having the posh of being in indoor, air-conditioned occasions very a lot anymore, a lipstick that may ultimate once I’m sweating buckets below the solar is a superb addition to my assortment.

On the other hand, I can be the primary to confess that the colors aren’t the rest extra thrilling than what’s already to be had within the Chanel Rouge Attract Velvet field of lipsticks. This can be a somewhat complete field because it stands, so what those 8 colors upload to it’s minimum.

Any individual taking a look to shop for this from the Nuit Blanche field will most commonly be doing so for the partiality white tube preserve – and in truth, there must be disagree embarassment in admitting that 😛

This coffret of the 4 colors you spot this is to be had on the market at RM872, even if I might in my view get the colors in my view, as no longer all of the 4 colors are flattering to everybody. By the way, it’s inexpensive to get the colors in my view too (RM218/ US$50 every) ! 😛

If matte lipstick is your factor, and you wish to have one thing that lasts however isn’t an intense flat matte, however one with a touch of glimmer to it, to focus on your lip’s contours, after I’d say that the Rouge Attract Velvet is a nice-looking field to believe.

But when you wish to have one thing that won’t budge in any respect and keep put for hours on finish, you can be at an advantage taking a look in other places as a result of those do abatement – simply no longer as briefly as a shiny lipstick.

Have you ever attempted any of the Chanel Rouge Attract Velvet lipstick? Does the white preserve snatch your consideration?

I’d say it’s consideration grabbing – however is it consideration grabbing plenty to pay an spare RM10 for the packaging? That’s one thing you’d must believe 🙂

Paris B

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