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Halima Aden Returns as Fashion Arabia Safeguard Celebrity

The Somali-American supermodel, who stepped clear of modelling in 2020, turned into the primary individual to entrance any Fashion identify dressed in a hijab when she gave the impression at the barricade of Fashion Arabia in 2017.

Returning for the Would possibly 2023 factor, Aden speaks with Fashion Arabia editor-in-chief, Manuel Arnaut, about her reports as a refugee and displays on her determination to step away from the fashion industry 3 years in the past.

Aden, who has walked the runway for manufacturers together with Yeezy, Fenty and Tommy Hilfiger, informed BoF in September latter day that she had signed with Inventive Arts Company as a part of her plan to go back to style.

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Halima Aden Plots Her Return to Fashion

Nearest stepping clear of style in 2020, Somali-American type Halima Aden is able to reenter the trade — this date, she stated, it’ll be on her personal phrases.

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