Helsa Studio Just Dropped Their Ninth Collection, These 11 Looks We’re Ordering First

helsa gowns

pictured: Jasmine Tookes, Stella Maxwell and Elsa Hosk all wearing a Helsa gowns

Revolve has done its fair share of collaborating with influencers to create their own collections and sell them on their site. None have had the same level of success and impact as Elsa Hosks brand Helsa. Loved by celebrities and the fashion community alike Helsa has quickly become a brand to watch and I can almost guarantee all of your favorite influencers, models, celebrities, and fashion girls have at least a piece or two in their closets. I know at least in the Who What Wear offices we all sit in anticipation over the next Helsa drop, trying to order our favorites from the collection before they inevitably sell out. Hosk herself has received tons of well-deserved praise for the brand including receiving Daily Front Row’s Fashion Entrepreneur of the Year award.

elsa hosk

The wait for Helsa’s 9th drop is finally over, and to celebrate Hosk threw an elegant dinner in Beverly Hills inviting her other model friends to join in the celebration by wearing pieces from the latest collection. This collection is called “The Supers” making a nod to the era of the supermodel and iconic classic colors and silhouettes that have a glamorous, red-carpet-ready feel. Think old Hollywood glamour with classic ‘90s supermodel sexiness. As a huge Helsa fan myself (and after seeing Hosk post a sneak peek of the collection on her Instagram) I ran to Revolve / FWRD’s website to see all of the pieces for myself. I have to admit, I’m in love with this drop.

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