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How Lifeweaver Was Overwatch 2 First Thai Persona

What he didn’t know was once that, because the brainstorming consultation took playground, the idea that workforce was once additionally independently running at the ocular building for Lifeweaver on the month. As they watched the presentation, one thing clicked. They went back to work and a few weeks after, they invited Thammawan to some other assembly to offer him information that he nonetheless can’t rather imagine. “They showed me Lifeweaver and were like, ‘Guess what? Lifeweaver is Thai now because your presentation inspired us so much,’” he stated. “Imagine me being at that meeting. Working on Overwatch was already a dream of mine — a dream that I didn’t even know was going to be true. Working on a new hero was an added dream. But I never expected this new hero to be Thai, and one that I helped inspire. My jaw was pretty much on the floor.”

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