I’m 34, and My Mother Is 63—30 Nordstrom Reveals We Each Need

My mother and I each love Nordstrom. Whether or not we’re searching for a unutilized pair of brogues or an increased unadorned to refresh our wardrobes, Nordy at all times has enough quantity of choices. What’s additionally fascinating is that we each gravitate toward similar trends and items—ahem, fashionable classics—in spite of our time too much. (She’s 63, and I’m 34.) For the reason that time has completely not anything to do with what you will have to or shouldn’t put on, it doesn’t come as a lot of a awe that we percentage related sartorial pursuits.

On that be aware, my mother sat unwell with me and scrolled during the Nordstrom web page throughout a contemporary seek advice from. We each next referred to as out what we cherished maximum. Under, you’ll discover a curation of the items that really feel remaining particular to us because of their versatility and chicness. 

Retain scrolling to try superb pieces to shop for at Nordstrom at this time.

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