Los angeles DoubleJ Offers Milan Toilets a Sublime Makeover All through Design Pace

Model society at Salone del Cell this pace would possibly understand some habitual, joy-inducing Los angeles DoubleJ prints in sudden playgrounds across the town: il bagni. (That’s Italian for toilets.) To praise the establishing of the Milan-based ready-to-wear and homeware emblem’s enlargement into wallpaper, founder JJ Martin has given a maximalist makeover to the powder rooms of 8 of her favorite Milan design week spots to dine, sip, and store: Pasticceria Cucci, Pasticceria Cova, Giacomo Bistrot, Fioraio Bianchi Caffè, Vasiliki Kouzina, Trattoria Torre di Pisa, Apophis Membership, and, in fact, the Los angeles DoubleJ flagship.

“These are some of my favorite, most cherished places where I spent most of my time over my 22 years in Milan,” says Martin of the playgrounds she selected to wallpaper. “Everywhere from Pasticceria Cucchi, which I used as my first office when I was a journalist in 2001, to Pasticceria Cova, where I’ve probably done most of my interviews over the years, to Fiorario Bianchi Café, which was like the cool kid hang out where I met [Milan architecture and design firm Dimore Studio co-founders] Britt Moran and Emiliano Salchi in 2002 on the sidewalk. Each one of these places has a special connection and place in my heart.”

la doublej wallpaper

Pasticceria Cucchi

Courtesy Los angeles DoubleJ

There are 9 prints in general drawn from the month seven years of ready-to-wear collections, together with Matisse, an summary trend that provides the Pasticceria Cucchi rest room a little bit of an Artwork Deco vibe, and Melograno, a dull, moody floral that feels extra vintage with a twist at Pasticceria Cova. Can Can, that includes cabaret dancers, feels made for the hotspot Aphophis Membership. They’re to be had upon request for bespoke design tasks.


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pasticceria cova, la doublej wallpaper

Pasticceria Cova

Courtesy Los angeles DoubleJ

As for why Martin determined to center of attention completely on bogs? “Looking at the selection, we thought, hey, these prints are all pretty bold,” she explains. “Most people are not going to put them in their living rooms, but the majority of our clients would feel very comfortable with them in a small powder room, which is where the idea of these bathroom makeovers came from.”

la doublej wallpaper

Martin’s bathrooom

Courtesy Los angeles DoubleJ

Martin, in fact, isn’t maximum family. She has wallpaper in each her rest room (the Los angeles DoubleJ Ananas print taken from an etching discovered on a wall of the Mantero Palazzo in Pool Como, which pairs along with her decadent military blue velvet bathe curtain and Murano glass chandelier) and during her house. Her eating room boasts a customized hand-painted print in keeping with a collage she present in Bali, that includes the Tree of Generation and an explosion of wildlife. “It surrounds my entire dining room, making it seem like you’re in a magic forest,” she says.

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