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My Straggly Strands Are Shiny Thanks to This Nicole Kidman-Used Hair Oil

Unless you are incredibly blessed, ultra-long hair—past 15 inches or so—has a propensity for becoming dry, scraggly, and ultimately looking a bit unkempt at the ends. I currently wear 20-inch hair extensions, which are delightfully shiny upon initial installation, yet invariably become thirsty and frazzled after a few washes. Naturally, I’ve tried numerous smoothing products, many of which have proven effective, though many of which, particularly hair oils, have simply rendered my hair greasy. 

Despite my hairy past with lipid-laden elixirs, I decided to try the Healing Oil from Virtue—a brand used by the likes of Kim Kardashian—after ample acclaim from friends and coworkers encouraged me to give hair oil a final shot. In short, I’m thrilled I took a chance: Virtue’s hair oil is unlike any I’ve ever used, as it’s impossibly lightweight and entirely non-greasy. Plus, it actually adds instant shine, as promised.

Case in point: Nicole Kidman’s smooth, glossy—yet still notably voluminous—style at the 2024 Met Gala. Kidman’s stylist, Adir Abergel, employed Virtue products, including the aforementioned hair oil, which was to thank for the actor’s mirror-like luster.


The Virtue Healing Oil is a lightweight, nutrient-dense, strand-smoothing styling product. Designed for all hair types and textures, in addition to color and keratin-treated hair, the formula is ideal for post-hot tool use on dry hair. Furthermore, it’s versatile and effective for sealing split-ends, smoothing errant flyaways, and adding healthy shine to scraggly, dull tresses. 

Virtue’s formula has all but smoothed my fried ends back to a genuinely healthy looking state. Furthermore—queue a statement that will inevitably make my stylist shudder—I trim my ends less than I would otherwise.

A little bit of product goes a long way; a few shakes of the thin, almost watery liquid into my palm, smoothed over my 20-inch extensions, suffices for imparting significant silkiness. Instant benefits aside, the oil heals damaged hair in the longer term, too. 

Specifically, the formula features the brand’s vegan keratin alternative, Alpha keratin CKU, which strengthens weak, protein-stripped strands (as keratin is the protein that comprises the hair shafts, and can deplete with damaging treatments such as bleaching, reinstating the protein restores lost smoothness). Virtue’s proprietary ingredient is “identical to the keratin that makes up your hair,” Jennnifer Garner, a brand ambassador and die-hard Healing Oil fan, explained in a TikTok video. Instead of simply sitting on top of hair and coating it in a film, “It actually goes into your hair and repairs, strand by strand,” Garner explained in the aforementioned post.

In addition to protein, tocopherol, a form of vitamin E, is also present in the formula, where it softens and protects tresses from environmental damage, including UV rays—which can both sap strands of moisture, leaving it dry, and prematurely fade salon color. 

I’d be remiss to skip over the oil’s scent, which, in and of itself, is almost ample incentive to snap up a bottle. Per the brand, the delightfully summery aroma is thanks to nots of “creamy coconut,” and “tropical yuzu.” 

For healthier-looking hair in seconds—sans weightiness or greasiness—shop the secret behind Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Garner’s otherworldly shine: The Virtue Healing Oil.

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