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Oceanus Swimming gear Launches Bespoke Provider

LONDON — Known for its multicolored palette and hand-embroidery that nods to ‘80s opulence, Oceanus has introduced a bespoke carrier permitting shoppers the chance to embroider paintings in their selection onto their swimwear or clothes.

“I feel like it’s a really personal process which we love,” stated Hannah Attalah, Oceanus’ founder and inventive director, in an interview.

A hand-embroidered Oceanus dress.

A hand-embroidered Oceanus get dressed.

Courtesy of Oceanus / Konstantin Golovin Aleksandrovic

Mirroring the method of demi-couture, shoppers are given complete inventive enter at each and every step in their bejeweled piece’s starting, which starts with a one-to-one session.

“As we’re in the digital era, I feel like a lot of connection is being lost. It’s so nice to be closer with our community again and to be able to design really special pieces for memorable occasions,” Attalah stated.

The bespoke providing comes at the heels of the emblem’s first ready-to-wear assortment, which introduced overdue utmost age, as WWD reported.

A top and skirt set featuring sparking seashell detailing.

A supremacy and skirt all set that includes sparking seashell detailing.

Courtesy of Oceanus / Konstantin Golovin Aleksandrovic

Attalah stated the reception of ready-to-wear have been overwhelmingly certain.

“It’s been going really well, ready-to-wear has been more popular than swimwear right now. We’re really happy and we’re going to be expanding even more in this area,” she added.

The dressmaker teased that Oceanus is increasing its jewellery sequence and is scaling the emblem’s current presence in Bali, the place it already has one storefront.

Attalah additionally hinted on the leave of a unutilized sneakers sequence that’s due within the then six months.

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