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Pamela Anderson Joins Pores and skin Aid Emblem Sonsie as Cofounder

Pamela Anderson — who kicked off a herbal beauty revolution — has entered the arena of skincare.

She has teamed with Sonsie, a vegan and cruelty-free emblem created through German-born type and content material author Marie von Behrens-Felipe with husband Roberto A. Felipe; Anderson joins as cofounder and proprietor.

“As soon as I kind of started peeling back the layers, the world just opened up, you know, and this chapter in my life is really exciting,” stated Anderson.

A beauty icon because the ‘90s, known for an ultra-glam look during her “Baywatch” days, the actress showed a different side of herself in the 2023 Netflix documentary “Pamela, a Love Story,” with son Brandon Thomas Lee among producers. Vulnerable as she shared her life story, Anderson was barefaced in front of the camera for the first time. It’s what impressed WWD to include a herbal search for her WWD cover profile in February, and Anderson persevered creating a spill together with her herbal attractiveness at model weeks and on crimson carpets international.

“It’s been quite the journey. I’m so glad it’s finally here,” she stated of showing her partnership with Sonsie.

“I mean, people have been asking me to do skin care and beauty products, since, you know, ‘Baywatch’ days, but I just was looking at it going, ‘Well, Is it sustainable? Is it cruelty-free?’ And people used to think I was crazy back then,” she went on. An established activist, Anderson runs The Pamela Anderson Bottom, which helps organizations protective human, animal and environmental rights.

“I’m glad I kind of held out this long and really found the right connection,” she persevered. “The stars aligned.”

It’s thru her son Brandon that she met the Felipes. His female friend Paula Bruss is similar with Marie von Behrens-Felipe, who counts greater than 1 million fans on Instagram. Upcoming her pores and skin started reacting negatively to attractiveness merchandise, Marie von Behrens-Felipe got down to put together her personal, defined govt officer Roberto A. Felipe.

“She decided to stop everything and strip it all down to the basics,” stated Roberto Felipe. “Marie, interestingly enough, she actually started as a blogger when she was 12 years old. And so, she’s had this arc as a creator, and people have followed along for her whole journey. So those people came in as customers. But what we’ve been seeing over time is that we’ve actually have a really, really strong customer base of people that are over the age of 45, that are coming back. And our products have been able to fit into different people’s lives and regimens to suit the needs that they have.”

Sonsie — a Scottish time period (with an backup spelling) which means to have a wholesome interior and outer look — these days do business in 3 merchandise. The whole thing is manufactured within the U.S. and meets Ecu aspect requirements.

Pamela Anderson

Courtesy of Sonsie

“I found these work really well for me,” Anderson stated of the products, which she’s been the use of for 6 months.

There’s a $48 multipurpose moisture masks, made with 12 % glycerin, hyaluronic acid and antioxidant-rich prickly pear pull back; a $64 tremendous serum, with 4 % niacinamide, mountain pepper pull back and a plant oil advanced, and a $22 lip balm, with 34 % squalane, sunflower seed wax and seed oils.

“It stays on,” Anderson stated of the balm. “It’s not a lip balm that I have to keep on reapplying and reapplying. It actually stays, keeps its shine. And then the mask is something that I’m wearing all the time…I wear it as my makeup. And the serum is really luxurious. No scent, which I really love. It doesn’t conflict with my love potions that I like to pour all over myself, my own concoctions.”

The logo will quickly introduce extra merchandise.

“My secret weapons will be coming out in spring,” stated Anderson. “We’ll see where we go from here. There’s a couple of things that I’m working on right now that are really important to me, that I can’t live without.”

A take a look at Sonsie.

Courtesy of Sonsie

“First and foremost, she’s an amazing person and an amazing cofounder,” Roberto Felipe stated of Anderson. “She’s challenging us to make sure that we’re adhering to actually the ethos that we’ve identified as a brand, which I think is really important. We want to do interesting things, but we also want to do good in the world. Pamela is really kind of holding us accountable, as this thing kind of ramped up and continues to build. But also informing our product strategy…We couldn’t imagine a better potential cofounder, partner to be going down this journey with given everything that she’s gone through and her ability now to take control and really write her own story. And I think Sonsie is going to be a nice part of that.”

Of her method to attractiveness, Anderson, now 56, stated, “I don’t want to fit into any formula. I want to strip it back, peel it back…I know what it’s like being a mother, a single mom, or working in the industry, or in a relationship that doesn’t work. It is so much life that I’m taking as the inspiration. So, it makes it much more fun for me. We don’t have to answer anybody.”

Good looks, to her, is honoring oneself, she added. “It’s about celebrating where you’re at, celebrating in your beauty journey, being okay with who you are right now. Really embracing where you’re at and making yourself feel the best and representing your highest self.”

Pamela Anderson for Sonsie

Pamela Anderson

Courtesy of Sonsie

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