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Pellicano Lodges and Scholl Debut a Elegant Sneakers Form

Simply in hour for summer time, iconic feel-good shoes emblem Scholl has teamed up with ISSIMO, the virtual extension of the Pellicano Lodges, on a form of sandals which can be as at ease as they’re trendy. Designed via Marie-Louise Sciò, CEO and Ingenious Director of the Pellicano Lodges Team, the unique summer time tablet assortment is a reimagined model of the vintage Pescura sandals.

“Scholl clogs embody Italian summers and are a staple that has been around for as long as I can remember,” Sciò stated within the press let fall. “I have always been fascinated by their transversality: you see them on the beach, in the city, on young ladies shopping, nonnas hanging out, cinema stars lounging around! They have truly gained cult status and I wanted to honor this agelessness and create a collection that is both elegant and fun and can easily go from day to night, casual to chic.”

For Scholl — a relief shoe chief which received reputation within the Nineteen Sixties and ’70s — the partnership with Pellicano Lodges used to be a herbal have compatibility. In combination they created 4 variations of the Pescura heel that exudes Mediterranean magnificence in several patterns and materials like velvet and linen. Sciò says the virtue of sumptuous subject matter plus the Pescura’s relief and magnificence is “an unbeatable combination that is also podiatrist approved!”

“Everything on ISSIMO screams the modern Dolce Vita and it’s everything we love about Italy done with the elegant eye of Marie-Louise,” Tobias Klaiber, CEO Scholl Footwear in a remark. “As we both have a common passion for high quality material, timeless aesthetic and share the ambition of elevating original icons, this collaboration felt perfect, and natural – nothing says Italian retro-chic summer quite like these re-imagined Pescura Heels and we are excited to launch a collection that not only refines the original model but also celebrates its history.”

Store the Scholl X ISSIMO assortment at Lodge Il Pellicano and the Mezzatorre Lodge & Thermal Spa, and at, and

Store Scholl X ISSIMO:

Scholl X ISSIMO Twilight Velvet Pescura heels; $345; SHOP NOW
Scholl X ISSIMO Gold Goat pores and skin Pescura heel; $320; SHOP NOW
Scholl X ISSIMO Herbal linen Pescura heel; $310; SHOP NOW

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