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Photojournalist in Nairobi, Kenya — Cash Diary

Profession: Photojournalist
Trade: Media
Pace: 27
Location: Nairobi, Kenya
Wage: $39,000
Internet Utility: ~$43,870 ($1,000 in checking, $14,800 in numerous ETFs, $1,570 in a financial savings account (I loaned my brother $3,000 from right here, he has but to go back), $24,500 in my Roth IRA and ~$2,000 in crypto, deny debt).
Debt: $0
Paycheck Quantity (varies): $500-$2,500+ (I’m freelance so I’m paid according to undertaking).
Pronouns: She/her

Per 30 days Bills
Hire: ~$250 for my percentage of a four-person condominium (disclaimer: this does NOT paint a correct image of the Nairobi housing marketplace. Many expats/foreigners are living in properties that price $1,800-2,000 a future, relying at the group).
Mobile Telephone: $30
Web page: $12

Annual Bills
Lightroom Subscription: $22
Press Club: $33
Fresh Yorker: $29.99
Harper’s Bazaar: $35
VPN: $60
Contacts Subscription: $120
Amazon: I virtue my brother’s account.

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