Reviewed: Symbiome’s The Solution Reparative Serum

In the event you aren’t reasonably satisfied but, I tapped two mavens to present me a rundown at the product—Larry Weiss, Symbiome’s founder and CSO, and superstar esthetician Dakota Katt

What makes it distinctive: Weiss beggarly indisposed what makes this components other from anything available on the market. “Healthy skin stem cells are essential to healthy, beautiful, youthful skin, but modern life is stressful on our skin and our stem cells,” he says. “The Answer Serum is the first minimally formulated and biologically intact serum built on the clinically proven cosmetic benefits of adult stem cell conditioned media. Because stem cell conditioned media is already optimized by biology and nature to provide everything skin stem cells need to thrive, we intentionally left it intact and formulated at 50% to preserve potency. Together with rainforest-derived botanicals and our postbiotic lactobacillus ferment, The Answer Serum packs everything you need into seven biologically intact ingredients. We simply cannot improve on nature.”

Why it’s deemed “Botox in a bottle:” Katt echoes Weiss’s breakdown with a slight extra on why she deemed this serum “Botox in a bottle.” “Symbiome pumped The Answer with 50% adipose stem cell conditioned media, which is more than any other serum of its kind,” she explains. “This stem cell–communicating ingredient is a game changer for anyone looking for anti-aging results. After just a few weeks of using The Answer, you will begin to feel that same tight, smooth feeling that Botox gives you.

Why estheticians love it: “I imagine that much less is extra, and I really like that every bottle comprises simply six celebrity components,” Katt says. “This simplifies the product through the usage of considerate powerhouse components week nonetheless attaining improbable effects! I additionally love the way it absorbs seamlessly into the outside and leaves that blank, silky end that all of us need.”

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