The ten Very best Concealer Brushes, In step with Make-up Artists

Concealer, particularly, will also be difficult to use with out going overboard, proper? The use of a excellent brush can trade all that—particularly should you’re making use of it within the under-eye branch. Make-up artists have a couple of pointers for us on this regard. Editorial make-up artist Sara Talias says, “The trick to applying concealer with a brush is to use a very small amount of concealer and start on the inner corner of the eye where there is typically the most darkness, applying the product in a stamping motion,” she says. “Working the concealer into the skin in this way ensures you get maximum coverage with the least amount of product. Too much concealer under the eye will crease and actually accentuate dry skin.” 

Superstar make-up artist Allison Kaye additionally has any other key tip to safeguard flawless software. “When applying concealer with a brush, don’t swipe the product back and forth, as it will cause it to disappear. Pat the product on with the brush!” Whether or not you’re having a look to hide cloudy spots, blemishes, or under-eye circles, to find the most productive concealer brushes for each and every beneath.

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