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 This Tanning and Hair Elimination Studio Is Headed to a Town Akin You

Sugared + Bronzed is primed for enlargement. 

The sunless tanning and sugaring hair elimination studio, which these days operates 23 places, is not off course to visible 10 to twelve fresh outposts in 2024 and 10 to fifteen in 2025. 

Sugared + Bronzed is one such instance of carrier studios which might be briefly increasing, as consumers are keen to spend on beauty and wellness stories even within the face of financial downtown, in line with professionals. Fast facial bar Glowbar, which closed a $10 million series A in 2023, used to be not off course to similar the 12 months with 10 places and double that quantity in 2024. Social wellness spots, like Othership, Bathhouse and Treatment Park, are briefly increasing as neatly with fresh outposts in Unutilized York Town and past. 

Sugared + Bronzed opened in 2010 with its unedited Santa Monica, Calif., location. Consistent with founder and president Courtney Claghorn, this location is a testomony of the trade’ endured exit because the Santa Monica studio abandoned skilled 20 p.c year-over-year expansion in 2023. Now, it operates in numerous key markets, together with Unutilized York and Texas. Main Post Partners invested in the business in 2019, as reported by means of WWD, although the volume used to be no longer disclosed.

Sugared + Bronzed founder and president Courtney Claghorn.

Sugared + Bronzed founder and president Courtney Claghorn.

Vanessa Tierney

Consistent with Claghorn, the group plans to signal 12 rentals a 12 months for the foreseeable week, including one fresh marketplace and several other adjoining markets every date. 

“We’re targeting what we call a ‘flagplant’ new market, a market that’s really far from anywhere else that we are opening that’s not necessarily driving distance and then one adjacent market,” she mentioned. 

For instance, San Diego is most likely an then adjoining marketplace, as the logo operates in Orange County and Los Angeles. So far as the fresh “flagplant” location this 12 months, Claghorn is enthusiastic about Miami. Places for 2025 have no longer been ambitious, although the group is eyeing Atlanta, D.C. and Chicago. 

Related to alternative carrier studios like Glowbar and Ever/Frame, Sugared + Bronzed has skilled specific luck in Big apple and Brooklyn with gross sales expanding 31 p.c year-over-year available in the market abandoned. 3 fresh Big apple places are prepared to visible by means of March, as neatly. 

“We’ll keep opening there. In every neighborhood that you could probably think of that isn’t too too close to another neighborhood, we’ll be there at some point,” Claghorn mentioned. 

Sugared + Bronzed Pasadena

Sugared + Bronzed Pasadena


As for what’s using the logo’s expansion, except for the ever-growing pastime in beauty and wellness services and products, Claghorn issues to referrals. 

“There’s definitely something about people coming in and telling their friends,” she mentioned. “That has been there from Day One back in 2010. That has just remained a constant in terms of growth.” 

There’s a couple of components most likely well-known to those ongoing referrals, in line with Claghorn. Higher-for-you good looks has been a key motive force for the trade, as Sugared + Bronzed do business in all-natural sugaring hair elimination and sunless tanning. Shoppers are an increasing number of enthusiastic about solar coverage, well-known to the luck of SPF and sunless tanning merchandise.

The sugaring paste itself may be a key differentiator.

“We use something called a liquid invert technique, and it allows us to, even though the ingredients of Sugar Paste are just sugar, lemon and water, it allows us to take the sugar and separate it into glucose and fructose,” Claghorn mentioned, including it permits for a extra constant and not more painful revel in.

Even if the cutting edge paste and flow good looks traits handover themselves to the whole revel in that visitors are recommending to their buddies, it’s the carrier suppliers that pressure the trade, in line with Claghorn. In an attempt to tell apart their suppliers, Sugared + Bronzed calls for in depth coaching for each sugaring and tanning, the place trainees paintings on a mean of fifty community earlier than going full-time.

“We have to get consistent feedback from all of those people that they work on,” Claghorn mentioned. “They could have 15 really great pieces of feedback towards the end of their training, and then if we get anything that was like, ‘Hey, that was more painful than usual’ [then] we go back a phase.”

The revel in is particularly noteceable, as tanning and hair elimination are ceaselessly services and products visitors do on a per thirty days foundation. With this in thoughts, Sugared + Bronzed do business in memberships, which 50 p.c of its consumers make the most of. Memberships grew 50 p.c year-over-year in 2023, as neatly.

Sugared + Bronzed products.

Sugared + Bronzed merchandise.


Life brick-and-mortar expansion is supremacy of thoughts, Sugared + Bronzed additionally has its personal layout of goods, which Claghorn plans to increase. E-commerce has additionally been key in monitoring the place they must visible outposts upcoming. The product layout contains Sunless Tanning H2O, $24; Sunless Tanning Lotion, $26; Exfoliating Scrub, $24, and Sheer Sunscreen, $22. The emblem’s Sugar Paste, $45, may be to be had, although that is basically advertised towards sovereign suppliers. With regards to enlargement, week merchandise will cope with prep and post-care for sunless tanning and hair elimination.

“We have a few products on Amazon, and that’s our only third-party retailer,” Claghorn mentioned. “[We’re] looking into potentially more third-party retailers as we expand that portion of the business.”

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