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Tiktok’s Latest Model Pattern Is Styling With ChatGPT

Siena Filippi, a Untouched York-based antique supplier and content material author, didn’t have tall expectancies when she first attempted the instrument to dress. “I was mostly trying to have fun with it, but I also wanted to test its ability to take what I give it and actually create something cohesive,” Filippi says. In her TikTok video, she requested ChatGPT to inform her methods to get dressed like “a trendy Pinterest girl living in New York City,” noting that she sought after her outfit to be cool plethora to be “Instagrammable.” The AI instructed dressed in a couple of high-waisted mother denims and a realistic to life T-shirt with a slogan or design on it, styled with a black oversized blazer, chunky battle boots or platform shoes, gold hoops in geometric shapes, and a dim leather-based backpack. “I was impressed that it could do what it could do, but it wasn’t necessarily something that I was like, ‘Oh, I would totally wear this,’” she says.

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