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Tumi PGA Excursion, LPGA Partnership: Unique Main points, Assortment, Extra

Tumi is increasing its presence within the sports activities global with a fresh partnership.

The luxurious travel corporate is embarking on a multiyear partnership with the PGA Excursion and LPGA, signing on as each golfing organizations’ professional baggage spouse. The partnership kicks off this while on the PGA Display in Orlando, Fla., the place the logo will preview its fresh full-range golfing assortment.

“There was this sort of natural, organic fit in terms of just the consumer behavior,” mentioned Jill Krizelman, the senior vice chairman of worldwide advertising and e-commerce at Tumi. “We know even from a data perspective our consumers, they love their golf — whether they’re playing or watching this sport. It really resonates with them. These two organizations, both men’s and women’s, also are global. As we look to different sports partnerships and how we approach different opportunities, we are a global brand, so showing up kind of on a world stage is something we also think about in a big way.” 

Helmed by way of Tumi inventive director Victor Sanz, the Tumi golfing assortment contains golfing baggage, duffel baggage, ball pouches and alternative golfing equipment in beige and dim. The gathering is claimed to leverage the logo’s high-performance fabrics and inventions. 

Sanz highlighted the golfing bag as a key merchandise within the assortment. The manner is designed with soft-touch padding, a USB-C charging port and a cooler patch. The bag can be personalised with monogrammed patches. The gathering levels in worth from $125 to $1,595 and shall be to be had first on Tumi’s site, with plans for it to go into Tumi shops and retail companions this spring.

Pieces from Tumi's golf collection

Items from Tumi’s golfing assortment.

Courtesy of Tumi

“I speak quite a bit about the customer being our muse at all points,” Sanz mentioned. “Everything that we do — whether it’s a fragrance or it’s a travel collection — the more we understand them and understand what their passions are, that’s what really drives us to create the products that enhance those passions. Golf was one that was exceptionally seamless because we know that they are utilizing golf not only for business, but for pleasure, and they travel to experience golf.” 

It used to be additionally impressive for Tumi to extend this partnership to the LPGA to grant its feminine consumers and cope with a bigger scope of athletes, Sanz mentioned.

“As we look at the future, sports and just the growing importance of women in sports, it’s super exciting for us,” Krizelman mentioned. “We want to be really balanced in our approach for Tumi and make sure we’re showing up both for men’s and women’s.” 

Tumi has a number of partnerships within the sports activities global, together with with Premier League football staff Tottenham Hotspur and its participant Son Heung-Min, Formulation 1 staff McLaren Racing and its motive force Lando Norris, and the Skilled Tennis Avid gamers Affiliation. 

“In the past, Tumi … was seen as a very big business and travel-oriented type brand,” Sanz mentioned. “The reality was, it’s a brand that really caters to people that want the very best to help them perform. So, when we started talking to athletes, they’re like, ‘We travel with Tumi, that’s all we travel with all the time.’ It’s not just the typical athletes where it could be like football, soccer or baseball, but it was all these athletes kind of in between.” 

Partnering with sports activities organizations is a core a part of Tumi’s trade, because the collaborations have compatibility in with the logo’s on-the-go way of life branding. The executives defined the partnership with the golfing organizations is the then step within the emblem’s efforts of making tough and complete collaborations.

“The world of sport is one that we’ve been in for many years,” Sanz mentioned. “But now we’re actually saying, as opposed to just creating one singular product to meet that need, let’s create collections that are really speaking and are really driving forward our commitment to those individuals that are pursuing those passions.” 

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