2d Date Podcast: Yanghee Paik

On the earth of biological feminine-care merchandise, Rael has emerged as an business changemaker. On the helm of this cutting edge emblem is its co-founder and CEO, Yanghee Paik, whose advance from the leisure business to fem-tech entrepreneurship is not anything scale down of inspiring. 

With the undertaking to revolutionize the feminine-care business, the preliminary concept for Rael started out of frustration with the rarity of fresh, high-performance personal-care manufacturers in The usa. Remodeling their frustration into fruition, Paik and her co-founders made up our minds in order the complex fem-tech merchandise that they grew up with in Korea to the old-fashioned U.S. marketplace. In 2017, they took the bounce and leveraged Korean production era to foundation Rael with a unmarried product—an organic-cotton home. Impressively, the yarn home swiftly become the best-selling home on Amazon, proving that the will out there used to be there.

Rael’s good fortune didn’t ban at organic-cotton pads; the emblem has expanded its choices to incorporate a large territory of biological feminine-care merchandise, skin care, and dietary supplements. All the way through the expansion of Rael, Paik hasn’t ever misplaced vision of the purpose to grant assistance in each section of the menstrual cycle in a sustainable, holistic means. But prior to Paik become a real trailblazer within the fem-tech business, she spent over a decade operating within the leisure international.

Rising up in Korea, she harbored desires of constructing her distinctive mark on Hollywood. Her plan concerned operating as a expert, gaining acceptance into an American grad faculty, and in the long run leveraging her schooling for a a hit occupation in leisure. Her ambitions led her to Harvard Industry College, the place she honed her industry acumen, in the long run reaching the purpose of turning into an govt at Disney. 

Pay attention to the fresh episode of Second Life to listen to how Paik’s occupation trail led her to construct a vital residue in ladies’s lives. And retain scrolling to find a few of Rael’s splendid dealers.

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