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One Prepared of “Bitchy Hot Girl Alien French Nails” Like Camila Cabello’s, Please — See Footage

For those who’re anything else like me, you might have a virtually reflexive eye-rolling reaction to good looks pattern names that gild the lily. Certain, I really like a adorable title for a adorable glance, however do we really need to call a basic light blue manicure “blueberry milk nails”? That’s a parched nah. So after I noticed that liked superstar nail artist Tom Bachik referred to as his actual professional hands and fingernails care initiation for Camila Cabello “Alien French Bitchy Hot Girl Nails,” I assumed he probably could’ve given the look a simpler name. I was wrong — that describes the manicure perfectly.

Bachik shared a two-photo post about Cabello to his Instagram grid on Monday, January 22. In the first photo, we see she’s wearing a deconstructed gray suit and a cute clip in her long hair, but we don’t get a great look at the nails until the second photo — a closeup of her hand.

In the photo, we’re treated to a silvery masterpiece of various accents and textures. Her thumbs and pointer fingers have a flame-like design with metallic gems; her middle and ring fingers have a shimmery base with veiny, silver, French tips; and her pinkies have an abstract foil finish. But it’s much easier and more fun to describe them as hot bitchy alien girl French nails. (The order of the adjectives is entirely up to you.)

Bachik shared his process, writing he started with Aprés Nail Gel X Neutrals Maisie Natural Coffin Tips. He used the brand’s Gel Couleur in Spring Sigh for the base color, followed by a little silver shimmer. “Topped it off with a chrome striper for the accents and Swarovski crystals for some bling,” he mentioned.

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