As A Dark Trans Woman, My Hair Walk Led To A Rebirth

Our hair is the unstated spine that unites us around the centuries and holds the remnants of our month and the ancestors who exited with us secrets and techniques of braiding and good looks. It bears the painful recollections of the trans-Atlantic slave industry and the ladies who braided rice into their cornrows to grant and safeguard sustenance as they had been transported from West Africa. Via our hair and its many rituals, stay the herbalism of our foremothers within the pristine international, passing ailing their ingenuity of home made balms, lotions, and oils for hair enlargement. And, future the societies we now name house might attempt to restrict our personhood, we proceed as Dark girls, to deny who they are saying we will be able to be and declare area for ourselves. As a result of our ‘Black girl magic’ isn’t restricted to our hair’s origins, space, curl development, taste or led to belief; its witchery is in its willingness to be superbly untamed. 

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