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Does Tinted Sunscreen Paintings? Dermatologist Recommendation

Right here’s the place folk (me) could be dishonest with tinted sunscreen or sunscreen make-up: you’ll’t be stretching it or sheering it, like you may a footing. “When you’re using something like a tinted moisturizer with an SPF on the label, that’s a sunscreen,” Dr. Pace explains, including a disclaimer that it will have to be a mineral formula (zinc oxide) with SFP 30 or upper. “But if you think about how much you put on you face, you might not be putting on enough to be effective as a sunscreen. If you’re spreading a pea-sized drop all around your face, that’s like taking a fabric and stretching it really thin so that it’s not even really hiding anything, like wearing leggings that are thin and you can still see your butt through.”

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