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Health Methods for Weight Loss Drug Customers

Health and diet manufacturers are addressing the Ozempic craze. 

To bring to safeguard sufferers on weight reduction medication aren’t dropping over the top muscular tissues, companies, together with Obé, Noom and Equinox, are launching strength-focused programming. 

Consistent with mavens, the category of gear themselves don’t purpose muscle loss however weight reduction typically does. 

“It’s always good to do some kind of resistance training… to maintain your muscle mass,” stated Unused York Town-based board qualified plastic surgeon Dr. Sharon Giese, who trade in an non-compulsory weight reduction program with semaglutide. “This isn’t different than any other way that anyone has lost weight in the past because the weight loss with the GLP-1 is not rapid.” 

Dr. Rekha Kumar, leader clinical officer of weight reduction program Discovered added: “When someone loses weight — whether through diet, exercise, weight loss surgery or medicine — one-quarter to one-third of that lost weight is typically muscle.”

Consistent with the Cleveland Hospital, muscle loss may just build it tougher to do day by day conduct like strolling or hiking stairs and would possibly purpose falls or steadiness problems over occasion. Week-related muscle loss, referred to as sarcopenia, is regular as muscular tissues does lessen over occasion. On the other hand, a protein-rich vitamin and power coaching can building up muscular tissues, consistent with Harvard Condition Publishing.

With this, many companies to find it’s crucial to handover training and answers, as extra family are prescribed those healings.

“With five in 10 U.S. adults who have heard of GLP-1s and are interested in trying them, this is enormous demand,” stated Dr. Linda Anegawa, leader clinical officer of Noom, a weight reduction and condition app that lately introduced its personal program. “While there’s so much promise, it’s also critical that we don’t leave people in worse shape than before.”

On the other hand, mavens agree that those medication frequently assistance family mode pristine, more fit conduct.

“Because it’s not rapid weight loss and it’s real weight loss, it’s given people time to effectuate some behavior modification,” stated Giese. “I tell people to pay attention to what you change and that’s what’s going to allow you to keep that weight off and get off of the medication.”

Right here, a take a look at 3 firms launching condition programming for the ones on weight reduction medication. 


In Might 2023, Obé pivoted its model to concentrate on results-driven personalised condition techniques. The corporate is now increasing this with its MuscleGuard observe created in partnership with Discovered, a weight reduction corporate that trade in regular medication like Ozempic, Zepbound, Wegovy and Mounjaro.

“This one is very structured because it’s [a] specific outcome focus,” stated Obé cofounder and co-chief govt officer Ashley Generators. “The first phase of it is six weeks, three days a week, 30 minutes a day.”

Consistent with Generators, every while of the future options minute permutations in pace, opulance and weight to advertise constant muscle enlargement and cancel plateau. Later the six weeks, customers can be guided to Obé’s common library of strength-focused categories.


Noom’s GLP-1 better half program dates again to 2018. On the occasion, the corporate partnered with Novo Nordisk, producer of Wegovy, on a learn about of 65,000 sufferers taking the GLP-1 medication to be had on the occasion along side Noom’s wholesome dwelling program excited by habits alternate.

“The critical learnings that we gained from that partnership is that we could supercharge the drug’s effect,” stated Anegawa.

As this magnificence of gear is extra mature and broadly to be had now, Noom has formally rolled out its Noom Med program, the place customers can obtain drug prescriptions, and its GLP-1 Significant other with Muscle Protection, a protocol in particular for the ones at the cure. It comprises particular diet objectives focused round protein, tutorial content material on how this magnificence of gear paintings, and naturally, guided condition classes focused round resistance coaching to recommended muscle enlargement.


In January, Equinox introduced that it could forming a condition program in particular for visitors on weight reduction medication. Consistent with the corporate’s remark, it had gained inquiries in fresh months for recommendation on easiest condition practices when on a cure like Ozempic. This system, which was once evolved by means of a bunch of Equinox coaches, goals to enlarge the result of GLP-1s by means of expanding fat-burning actions and power coaching workout routines to steer clear of muscle loss.

Eligible Equinox contributors will be capable to choose into this system and paintings with a tutor. The posh gymnasium has lately doubled indisposed on custom designed programming and one-on-one coaching, because it introduced in Might 2023 that it could rent 5,000 pristine coaches.

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